Ramping Things Up

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Hello Weed Nerds! So with the arrival of 2 studs in my stable, it is time to find suitable females to breed new seed stock with. Thanks to my buddy @loonatic, I have these Silver Haze fem seeds to work with. Im thinking Cheeseburger Haze.....

Off into the water they go!

Next up will be the Mac & Cheese F2.

As soon as I get home tonight I will place these in a paper towel, that has been soaked in a very mild coconut water solution. My goal is to have my 4x4 tent filled by the end of December. Also to have multiple branches pollinated, or I will take clones, veg them out, and let them set in another tent with the males. Unsure on how I will play this this round. I do want to make sure I veg out the males long enough so I can have an abundance of pollen.



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All the best of wishes!

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Thanks bro!

lol I gotta stop 100% upvoting comments!

That's great! I haven't tried this strain... I gotta try em.

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