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What's up Weed Nerds! Damn does it feel good to be growing again. Not only the fact I am just growing, but the fact that I have scaled up a little. Now like I said in the last post, I still just need another light to fit the 4x4. Once that is up, the true action will begin!

Pretty cool seed starter right? I actually got this as a sponsored item. Just had to right a review with some pics. Beyond grateful. I have 2 of the Silver Haze going that I got from @loonatic, then another 2 Mac & Cheese F2's. Only thing I would do different, is to use Rapid Rooters next time. Not a fan of these Rock Wools.

I also went ahead and took 4 cuttings from one of the F1 Banana Punch x Mac & Cheese. First time in over a year! I never used a humidity dome before, so this is new territory for me. Either way, I got many more cuts to take. Like they say, practice makes perfect!



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I've had moderate success going right into soil, and about the same level of success going into plain water. But I'm only a cloning freshman at this point, I need a lot more practice. Generally I prefer working from seed but cloning has a place.

Well the main point on why I don't do directly into soil, is the space. It is a lot easier to have in one small space, then worry later about transplanting, then I can put in a pot, and it would be strong enough to be on the same level and get the same lighting as the bigger plants. But one thing that works for one, may not work for another. Success=success, :)

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Nice job, I love the looks of that dome. I just use aloe and supersoil aka living soil to root my clones.

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I love monitoring the roots and never tried doing directly into soil. I used Honey for these.

Yeah checking roots is nice, I use small pots so don't take long for roots to come out, I also use coconut water some times when I remember to buy it

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Those domes always worked great for me.. and definitely leave the rockwool alone... Unless you're doing hydroponics

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Yeah rockwool sucks

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