My BIF Solo Cup Entry, White Grape F2

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What’s good Weed Nerds! So @bifbeans is hosting a Solo Cup Grow in there server, and for me to say no would give me the serious case of FOMO. Rules are pretty simple, grow a plant from seed in a 16 oz container. Last Solo Cup grow I was apart of, was on Steem a couple years ago. I did ok, but mainly because I was one of the only ones who actually finished! Lol I think I got 3 grams of Sensimilla. This competition will be different. There will be many who finish. So I better step it up if I am to compete.


Lunch came early, and I knew I better hurry to the local Super Market to get my 16 oz cup.

Sitting at home I had some White Grape Auto flower seeds with tap roots emerging. As you can understand my sense of urgency. Last germination I had let them go a little to long, and the tap root was stuck to the paper towel. Can’t make the same mistake twice.

4-5 holes only on the bottom of the cup, with no sneaky business, ✅


With a few seconds left on the clock, I had no time to spare. The pressure was on.......


Swish!!! 2 White Grapes in 16 oz containers. Only 1 can make the cut. The other with get the bottom cut out, and thrown into a 3 gallon. I already know this bud is bomb, I now got to focus on my training. The big question will be, will I make the cut?

To be continued......


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A @bifbeans contest you say... I still got some @bifbeans seeds.. I'll try.. hopefully the cat doesn't kill it

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You could use the auto for the solo, and do you still have the Steem Og I sent? That one would be great for the 5 gallon;)

It's to early to try a photo plant. I'm only getting about 6.5 hours of direct sun for the solar. I need at least 9 to run a light. Or 4 more batteries

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Well the outdoor season will be here sooner then we know it!

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Oh I know.. I'll be getting clones in January

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Oh my

Tigers lions and bears...

Sasquatch and other cryptids

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Weed nerds would be awesome. Like Nerds the candy, but with THC. For all I know, something like that already exists. I could ask my dad. He owns a dealership.

Actually yeah I have saw something like that before. Don’t know if they where called weed nerds though, but yeah shit I need to learn how to make those!

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