Monster Cropping

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What's good Weed Nerds! Have you ever heard of Monster Cropping? If not that's ok, because I am going to show you all what it is. So sit back, lite up whatever you got, and enjoy.


So you are 1-2 weeks into flower, and you forgot to take cuts, maybe you did not have the supplies to take cuts, or you just changed your mind and want to keep a strain going for a while. Whatever it may be, there is still a way to take clones from a flowering plant, this is referred to as "Monster Cropping."

My case for "Monster Cropping" is due to my attachment I get to anything that has roots. Since my space is limited I was not planning to take any clones. I was ok with this. One day I was doing some "Lollipopping" after 1 week of flower, and there where so many nice cuts, that I just could not bare to throw them away. Even with how many I took, there where at least twice as much I did throw away that would of made nice cuts. So I decided to clone them.

Boy was I glad I did!

These are the the Big Mac phenos #2 and #3, and the rotten banana terps are something I am intrigued by

Another cool thing about "Monster Cropping", is when they Re-Veg they come back bushier, and have a profile that is short and compact. A downside is, it takes longer for them to root, and the Re-Veg is also a timely process. But they should be good to go by the time my current round of plants are finished. So not only is "Monster Cropping" good for the reasons I stated above. It is also a technique growers use to have bushier plants. So next time you forget to take those cuttings before flower, or if you want to have a bushier plant, remember there is an app for that! Thanks for reading, and any questions, or even some tips please comment below. Until next time, have a great weekend!




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Nice man. I want to get into cloning soon.

Its easy, and addicting!

Nice job, I love to do this to my clones, They take longer but have so many more bud spots right off the bat.

These are looking great, I have had shit luck with clones and I think it is the cold. You use a heat mat?

Yeah that tray is a heating tray. I used honey for the first 3 and they did not take, so I used rooting powder on the next batch and it worked great.

Yeah that tray is a heating tray. I used honey for the first 3 and they did not take, so I used rooting powder on the next batch and it worked great.

Nice, I think the heating mat helps. I never thought it did but they really don't like cold.

Great explanation for new growers

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Thanks, it is a great thing to know to keep things going. Especially if you do not have access to cuts.

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