Helena X PBB: A #5gallonchallenge Update

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Day 69 for my #5gallonchallenge contender, Helena X PBB from @bifbeans, and the time is near my fellow Weed Nerds!

Almost time for all of them! Just letting them hang a tad longer. These days I am a night smoker, so the more amber I can get, the better. As long as that humidity stays in check, I am good to go. In fact I have turned off my Inkbird, and letting humidity creep into the 40% range. Full post coming soon.............





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Very nice, that pic of the tent looks magical.

Gracious amigo!

Magical rainbow delights!
I bet it smells like a skunk farted in there!

LOL, mabye...SSSH dont tell anybody, it was me ;)

those buds are nice and big compact I love the almost black color in the leaves

Great genetics, and great light!

I can't get enough of these nugs! :D

Almost time :)


@picyoudyer! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @chubb149.

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it is so beautiful :D