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Have had an issue with Thrips. Did some extreme lollipoping. Then hit with sesame seed oil spray, then some neem. Got some Amazing Doctor Enzymes on its way. Once I spray with that, then it will be flower time!


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..ya, it’s still nature..better at this stadium..enjoy..

Thanks. Nature is precisely what I am trying to achieve.

..ya, agree 100%ly!!!...and you will enjoying it much more in every moment, each detail, the smell, and may the most important, the energy!...enjoy...

Sorry to hear about the bugs.... damn you, bugs!! I think diatomaceous earth is your best bet, mixed into your soil, and sprinkled on top, and anywhere bugs may go. As long as you don't inhale a bunch of it, it's harmless to humans, and harmless to plants. It's not a nutrient, and doesn't break down. It's just basically tiny glass shards that rip up any insect it contacts, but does nothing to your skin, or your plants. Perfect for people doing organic and/or "natural" soils. It's just dust that grinds up bugs LOL

Scary to hear about people still using neem on plants that will ultimately be used internally. Neem aka Azadirachtin (C35H44O16) is taken up by the plant during vegetative state and held there (cannabis is one of the best known remediators aka cleaners of the environment). It is later deposited in the resins of the flowers, and taken in through smoking or eating. The more you get, the worse you feel, and the more damage it is doing to your body.

Neem toxicity causes nausea, abdominal pain, repeated vomiting (emesis), diarrhea, muscle tension, and/or fatigue. If concentrations continue to increase, seizures and organ damage are next. Neem/Azadirachtin is toxic to humans, but because it's "organic" (originally it was obtained from a plant source but nowadays is created synthetically), growers feel safe using it. It's especially dangerous during vegetative as this is when the plant is absorbing large amounts of the compound, and the trichomes (oils and waxes) end up being where it ends up. Neem toxicity affects a large portion of cannabis users because some legalized growers have mistakenly used it from time to time, affecting thousands of customers. The symptoms of being poisoned by neem are the same as the symptoms of the imaginary "Cannabis Hyper-emesis Syndrome", which got publicity in the media in recent years, but is just somebody's theory and has little or no credible scientific backing. We now know what's causing all those symtoms - high levels of azadirachtin.

Just as with myclobutanil (the cause of Canada's "mysterious vaping crisis" in 2013 and USA in 2019), the info about neem's toxic effect in humans need to be spread.

Maybe some diatomaceous earth would kill those bugs without adding anything potentially dangerous to your medicine? It's about ten bucks for a bag or bottle, I think. Could protect/treat several crops with that amount.

I only will use it once. It will be ok.