Big Mac With Cheese, PLEASE!

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Banana Punch x Mac&Cheese


What's up Weed Nerds! I present to you Big Mac w/Cheese, or if your in France, Le Big Mac. This is a F1 hybrid photo period. Meaning that I have to switch the light cycle to 12 hours on, and 12 hours off to induce flowering. Right now I have them on a 24/0 light cycle, under the Mars Ts1000.

  • I have them in high quality potting soil
  • I will be using the Roots Organics
  • Mammoth P, and Mono Silica
  • Ground water that has set out for 24 hours
  • Dr. Enzymes for IPM

I have decided to just go back to something a little simpler, and tried and true. This is mainly due to my compost going bust in the back. Due to lack of sun, the pile is just not heating up like it should. There is so many bugs, so I am not even going to bother. Maybe it will just take longer, and by next sun up in my back yard, the compost will heat up and kill all those bugs. Either way this method I am using is still organic. When I first started to grow, Roots Organics was actually the fertilizer I had. But I was using it wrong. Turns out that you have to mix it 24 hours prior, and let it bubble with an Air Stone to raise the PH to the desired level. Funny because it did not say that on the bottle!

Next up is the transfer to the 4x4 tent. Then I will crack those Silver Haze I got from @loonatic. Should be a great winter!



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Oh hi, plants!

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I did not hit her, I did not......

Where's the autos?

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To the right.


Ran into a little bit of nitrogen toxicity. But a couple plain water waterings will do the trick.



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That one looks nice too! Ever want to hit up bif beans, just tag @bifbeans in the canna server:)

Oh that's cool.. I didn't know that

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Yeah okay I'm gonna order seeds now

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Liquid fertilizers (and other enzymes, sprays, premade soil products, etc) will produce bigger plants in shorter time, but I'm super wary of that shortcut because I know it comes with down sides, and down sides aren't something I'm okay with when it comes to my medicine, since I'm literally keeping myself and my wife alive and functioning with cannabinoids.
But they look big and busy and green already, can't argue with that :D

Go look at the ingredients of my products. There all organic. Clean medicine can be grown in abundance.

Now knocking those products, I just wouldn't use them myself. I don't see an ingredient list for "high quality potting soil", which could contain anything. The link you gave to your nutes doesn't say which product you're using so I don't know which ingredient list to check. They have like 20 different types.

Snake poison is organic, human shit is organic, rotting eggs are organic, psilocybin is organic, roadkill is organic. "Organic" isn't the gold standard for safety, or quality, or clean, or anything else for that matter. Organic (illegal and legal) weed is full of toxins up here in Canada, even when they only use certified organic nutes, pesticides, and other products. Same with homegrown "organic" weed in a lot of cases. A lot of really dangerous stuff is completely organic.

Everybody is free to use whatever shortcuts they deem justifiable. It could be that every drop of what you use is perfectly safe and "clean". You get to decide that! If a bottle/bag with an organic label on it is what you consider clean and safe, there are lots of really great products out there to boost your yield.

Great answer! Man you need to get your grow fired up pronto! But yes’m answer is vague.

buhdda grow






Nice, I think kelp is great for cannabis especially in the first several weeks.
Bat guano reminds me of Ace Ventura :D
EDIT: I don't need a new light before I start again, but I'd really like one. I'm going to look into the possibility over the next couple days.

Heck maybe just use the sun if you can a few hours out of the day. And guano reminds me of Ace too! Lol

Looking good! Mmmmmm :)

Thank you!

Damn gorgeous!!
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Now I actually want a cheeseburger.

Shit I always want a cheeseburger!

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I just got some of this from the dispensary the other day. Healthy looking 👌 plants.

Oh really? How was the smoke?

Great actually i always liked the skunk tasting pot because it is less difficult to produce the proper terpine flavor profile 😋.

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Growing plants is fun. I’m getting better at it, and having fun.
Happy growing

Your the best grower here. Own it bro

try again...
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Thank you!