Water Soluble THC - A Fast Smoke-free Way to Get High

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Water Soluble THC will Effect the User within 15 Minutes, Potentially as Fast as 5 Minutes

A new field of bioscience is emerging with Water Soluble THC being produced by processing THC, suspended in microbubbles, in a vegetable starch like maltodextrin.

I could not believe how easy it was to make, so my friend having more experience made this easily within a few days.





There is a small variety of growing brands on the market offering Water Soluble THC products.

Here is where you can do some more research if you are interested in Water Soluble THC.



interesting :)

Odorless and Very little taste, you could easily drink this at work

Thanks for the info water solubility is a issue with enables

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Very impressed with the potency, going to be doing a third sample shortly actually. I am planning on following up with a review about the experience.