Speed Rolling Competition #0

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Welcome to PhusionPhil's Joint Speed Rolling Competition

keyboard and doobie.gif

If you can roll a joint faster than I, @phusionphil, then you will rewarded with a Hive Power delegation. I have provided a video of my 25 second roll, you will need to upload the video to BitTube or LBRY for me to consider it a formal application for the Competition, none of this inferior YouTube web 2.0 stuff please.

Once you have surpassed my super human rolling skills, you will earn a Badge...

Speed Roller

You can proudly share this Badge with you friends, I will verify it in posts semi occasionally for you to wave around at parties to promote for your Rolling Skills.

If you're an artist, or know one, feel free to tag them in the comments so I can contract them to make neat badges for the participants, you're probably a BIG DEAL if you can roll a 10 second doobie.

How Fast Do I Need to Roll to Earn a Speed Roller Badge?

Faster than this video demonstration of a speed roll.


How do I Enter the Competition?

Post a video of yourself rolling a joint, any amount of weed, in less than 25 seconds to the @canna-curate Group on https://bittube.tv/group/fc8e5aea-d63a-4338-a1c6-db5bfcbd905d/shared

Other blockchain oriented video platforms will also be considered for submission, but using BitTube and the official Canna-Curate Group is a confirmed ENTRY.

Make a https://www.weedcash.network post to finalize your submission. There is no limit on Submissions, you may enter many times if someone beats your time.

If there is any other questions feel free to comment and ask below.

Badges coming soon to the Hive-Engine with an exclusive Speed Roller Badge Market.

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  ·  7 days ago (edited)

epic fail lol better luck next time. You have some weed in there which is good, tobacco is so dry i imagine that being harder.

When we get some weed here, Ill try and record!

please do this contest is on going

you also get a +1 for the filter, theres no rule to add a filter or tip.

the mechanical watch also earns you a 2nd +1, if no one else enters this first competition ill have no choice but to reward you for the contribution

Dude you a freaking amazing! Straight up. Not only because of the joint rolling skills, but you giving a shout out on our group on Bittube! Just wait we will get more active there, and here as well.

I’ll like to add to this contest. Whoever Phusionphill decides is the winner, receives ...............


This sticker!

@phusionphill, get with me in Discord so I can also send you a sticker as well!

Yo! HTF do I get a sticker for my laptop?

are you on the discord? I bet if you ask nice and send some Hive youll get one

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Join this contest and win! ;)

even better than my idea!

DUDE! 19 is my Lucky Number... I just noticed that, X-Files music moment...

self vote for superstitious moments LOL

Did I just invent proof of roll algo?


I will keep running this competition as long as I am using the service.