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RE: WeedCash Governance - Petitions, Proposals, GP and The Governator

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would have been nice to know about this before someone bought all the weedmm on the market... Likely a 0% chance i will be interested until the @nrg bubble pops.

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im hoarding weed to start a curation bot on weedcash. Am bit sorry for jacking the price up

and have done literally nothing for the community aside from 1 post about art, NOT CANNABIS RELATED...

I just know I dont have to feel anything if i ever want to pump and dump now right?

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Like I said I will be building a curation robot for weedcash. You are free to sell your stake at any moment, no one is stopping you

i removed the downvote @richardcrill

I've just put some more WEEDMM on the books at 25 HIVE, but WEEDM is still a better deal.

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