Just Installed a New Monitor - Time for a Bowl

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Check Out the New Monitor I got for Streaming

Now for the Mic and the Camera


Recorded with a Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

The 100th follower I get on Theta will be rewarded with a decentralized prize.

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That's really good, making sense... feels like streaming made easy.

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Recorded with a Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

You have the best , The specs of Pc was great.

And the Note 20 Ultra is also one of the best smartphone. You are so much updated 👌.

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It was either suicide or materializing happiness during the scamdemic, so until I can sue China for damages caused by their 3rd world virus incubation network, I plan to own the best and only the best.

Usually I budget a bit more, but there is seriously nothing better to do with my life than play games at 240 FPS.

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