Blueberry Punch

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Recently acquired some Blueberry Punch. This is a delicious strain with a high THC yeild and all organic indoor growing practices in western canada.











Quick Facts

  • Blueberry Pine aroma distinctive of Romulan
  • Sativa dominant
  • Indoor grown
  • Soil based organics
  • The res tastes like blueberry

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Scrumptious looking. Very nice

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Blueberry Pine aroma distinctive of Romulan
Sativa dominant
Indoor grown
Soil based organics
The res tastes like blueberry

What a great info...

@phusionphil hope you enjoyed the strain..

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Have you ever used ? It's like proof of brain but for cannabis content. You're rewarded with WEED for curation.

It sounds like an interesting platform...i will check it out....@phusionphil

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I have heard about it before but i have not visited it,i will visit it right now..

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Brilliant post 😊

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omg how much delicious pollen!!!I want too much to taste it! Can I know how much a gram costs in Canada?

Street price is $10 CAD on average to the general public, but if you are close to a grower, the cost is around $1.50 CAD a gram to grow.

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$ 1,50 per gram, for me in Italy it is pure utopia...please enjoy this treasure for me too! Thanks for sharing ;)

It is affordable IMO....@phusionphil

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I have seen this for the first time in my life , i have seen blue berries but not these.
Thanku for sharing

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When i was young, i lived in a Village and at that time everything my parents use to bring was different then what i eat today living in a city.

If you are growing anything indoor that is really good , I appreciate because most of the things are now grown using chemicals.

I have eaten blue berries but not these.

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Blueberries are really tasty and as you said that these also taste similar to them i can eat them.
But i am confused about how to eat them , just like how it is shown in the images you took or like there is a preparation method for this.

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I never eat this but it look 🙂 nice
Infact i never eat blueberries also🤣.
By the way pictures look awesome
Can you tell which smartphone you use to vlick this picture.?

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