Banana Punch - Indoor Organic

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Found some delicious Banana Punch recently, very high THC levels and a very smooth smoke. The flavor is subtle and I wish I had a vaporizer so i could taste the more stuble terps.











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Obviously you enjoyed it..winks....@phusionphil

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Looks good, never had this strain.

I had it for a week in a jar and finally decided to open it up and was very happy.

I bet the curing room would smell amazing, the scent of banana is there but I had a hard time tasting it with a bong.

Nice, I love cracking open a fresh jar 🤤. I find the bong one of the worst to actually taste strains.

Just threw mine in a Jar so i can keep it longer now, its precious!

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It has a lovely taste I guess...winks...@phusionphil

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It has a lovely scent I guess....@phusionphil

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Oh my sweet banana,taking this and eating a good food after ...I get a very good sleep..winks....@phusionphil

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Lol 1 step ahead of you

Cool! I just grew banana punch x Mac and cheese.

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I knew I had seen this strain come up somewhere, its new to me but when I found it I felt like I was just talking about it. That was probably on your blog. It's a rare strain.

Yeah i believe it was released a few years ago from Symbiotic Genetics, and it has since sold out.

Thanks for the info!

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The strain looks good though...@phusionphil

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This is definitely a strain I need to try!

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This looks very good, I would like to have a taste of it someday....@phusionphil

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