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RE: Indoor Garden is Recovering After Diatomaceous Earth Treatment

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Looks good!

You named your cat Covid? lol



Yes because his love is infectious! ;)
Or he was a stray in my backyard who's a real lovable jerk, I couldn't think of a better name at the start of this plandemic.

I love Covid! Never thought I'd say that, but I love Covid the Cat!
We had a stray at our door, one bitter winter, but I was unable to bribe him with food to lure him to shelter in our house. Very feral. Looked a lot like your tuxedo cat. I called ours James Bond. Bobi the Bad may have made it clear no other feline gets to set foot in his domain.

Thought of you today when reading @yahia-lababidi's post

I have been thinking, too, of fairy tales. The idea of Alice and the rabbit hole and its connection with physics. I don’t know much about physics. I’m just another artist-groupie, but I am captivated by the idea of a wormhole. A hypothetical tunnel connecting disparate points in light-space, with the attendant, hypothetical, possibility of time travel. None of this is encouraged by hard science, but neither is it entirely refuted. Disputed, more-like. This idea of a shortcut between worlds, which, for me, translates as a shortcut into creative space, where inspiration is able to move with more agility and vision to engage with more dexterity.

Also, you've reminded me of Guy T. Martland's time-traveling cat. If you ever find the time, the stories are short, and The Cat is based on the real-life Gordon, who died last year of old age, and in the series, we see this aging cat slow down and not leap so high anymore.... what's really sad, though, is how small the audience for this excellent sci-fi feline saga.

image.png (hyperlinked, just for you!)

More here:

Hey @carolkean!
Thanks for checking out Covid! Bobi the Bad and James Bond are some creative names for cats, I love it! 😄

Covid is quite feral too. Apparently he's been snipped but you would never guess it with how wild he gets at times. Season changes are the hardest. For some reason when he starts getting wild, he likes to mess with things of mine that he knows I don't like.

Currently he will sleep on my computer keyboard, and it creates all kinds of PC problems. I have to lock the screen now, and sometimes need to hard crash and restart because the keyboard stops working. I'm going to just start shutting it down when I sleep.
He knows he is not supposed to do it too... because he takes off running from the keyboard when he hears me getting up, like I won't know...

Lately I'm a bit frustrated with him, but I still love him to death and he still manages to get his favorite meals out of me... little bugger he is sometimes.. He's mastered the art of loving up at the right moments.

Thanks for sharing this interesting post above. I've not checked it out yet but it's on my to do list. Lately I've been so swamped and finding it hard to keep up with everyone, and also have fallen behind with some content creators. This is a full time job no question about it. Even with the years I've been doing it, it never seems to get easier, but I'm not complaining because I love the content creators here and find this is such a nice outlet for all of us autistic artistic types :)

Also, you've reminded me of Guy T. Martland's time-traveling cat. If you ever find the time, the stories are short

You've deduced very well how busy I am 😂

I just glanced over the page, and find it super cool. Giving it a bookmark, and sure I will find some time to check it out. What a nice and creative way to document a cat's life.
It's amazing the love we share with our animal friends.
Thanks for your attentive reading of my blog and sharing these amazing resources for me to check out in the future 💚

I LOVE THAT FACE! By cats are the best. So loving and appreciative. I'm happy you have him.