Home is where them fuckers ain't

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Pandemic schmandemic. I've been hanging out at home most of the time, but I would have been anyway. I hang out at home because I like it at home.


Who needs to leave when you've got coffee and weed? I felt like I slept in today because the time changed overnight. These days, I fall asleep very early and then I wake up early as well. My body has adjusted to my work schedule and doesn't care if it's the weekend.

Inside the mug is coffee and half & half. Inside the trust lil' pipe is Ice Cream Cake, which is a strain that purportedly has quite the opposite effect of coffee. I'm using them both to level things out. Or I'm just doing what I want to do early on a Sunday morning. haha.

From Leafly:


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My sentiments exactly! Staying home is under rated IMO

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Nice one, I love ice cream cake. I have it a few weeks back and it was killer.

Thanks is for sharing

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Yeah, I really like it myself. I need something that knocks me on my ass sometimes.

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Me too! I'll remember this strain then and hope it shows up in seed or bud form hahhah

Wtf!! Dude how have you been?? It has been way to long

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Haha I had to relocate and get settled 😁

So the "moving" in your name is there for a good reason. haha.

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Yeh, well, I guess now it's void hahahah

was thinking about him yesterday :)

Holy long time no talky 🤣

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Hi man 😁

Agreed, I love my heavy weed ☮️😆

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Hi,😁 how are you?
How "hi[gh]"🙃 are you?
I hope you enjoy your state of calm and relaxation.
Coffee with a little "extra" sounds awesome :)

Home Is Where Them Fuckers Ain't.

So true!

Have a SUPER day!

It was very enjoyable. I can't start the day that day when I have to go to work (like today), but it was a nice weekend morning.

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😍 Coolio!!! 😀

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