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RE: Buying cannabis products on using cryptocurrency

Will they be offering any actual... weed?


Not sure if they will have weed with thc ever. Maybe see what @thelogicaldude says about that.

No THC, sorry... not trying to run another Silk Road and get taken out like that, lol. Everything on the site is legal.

No need for a Silk Road in Canada. Legal everywhere here. No different than buying beer and smokes, cheeseburgers, whatever. Most of the online shops that take crypto seem sketchy though, so I just drive down the street, find the guy on the corner. Don't even have to get out to sit in his car and listen to him bitch about the wife anymore either, so that's cool.

lol, nice, yeah hopefully we get rid of all these cannabis ridiculous laws down here.

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Yes, as soon as we can do it legally.

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