Hawaii Heartbreak Strain Sampling + Engineered Yeast to Grow THC, CBD, Terpenes, and Psilocybin

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I reached for the Hawaii Heartbreak foil pouch zip-lock bag from the recent ocs.ca cannabis delivery - for a sampling. Sweet lemon lime flavor with a diesel reminiscent and decently motivated afternoon buzz. I saw a recent news report about engineering yeast to produce Psilocybin. I had remembered hearing about them also producing Cannabinoids and Terpennoids with yeast, I did a little digging on those topics to clarify.

Hawaii Heartbreak

The Hawaii Heartbreak indica cannabis strain by RIFF has unknown genetics. Vibrant multi-color buds with dark and light greens, purples, bright oranges, and shimmering ambers - they have a smooth 19% THC with ample Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene, Linalool, and Myrcene terpenes (Source). The crispy buds have a sweet herbal fruity citrus zest with a light clove and ginger spice scent.

THC, CBD, Terpenes, and Psilocybin Grown with Engineered Yeast

Back in early 2019, Synthetic biologists from the University of California, Berkeley, engineered brewer's yeast to produce THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, including some that don't already exist. They can grow the cannabinoids with the engineered yeast and sugar - cannabinoids, naturally found in cannabis, have many proven and potential medicinal uses, including some possible undiscovered ones with the new cannabinoids (Cannabinoid Source). They've also engineered yeast to produce the various scent and flavor Terpennoids for production of "perfume ingredients, pharmaceuticals and biofuels" ( Terpene Source). I can see how cannabis edible companies might tap into the above cannabinoid and terpennoid production methods, especially when needing to scale up production. New studies are being conducted with the Psilocybin from mushrooms for treating depression, addiction, and other conditions - Scientists from DTU Biosutain show that Psilocybin can also be produced with yeast (Psilocybin Source). Personally I'll be sticking with the natural sources for now, but I can see where mass production of these compounds could have some benefit, and I'm curious about the potential new cannabinoid uses and effects.

Hawaii Heartbreak roll up with OCB Hemp Papers

Hawaii Heartbreak flavor

Sweet lemon lime skunky vanilla citrus diesel zest flavor - especially with the touch of tartness, a very nice lemon lime flavor.

Interesting indica, it feels closer to a hybrid - it starts with a light head cushion euphoric and laid back relaxation, then the smooth energy creeps in. Reminiscent of a diesel strain, it was a decently motivated and cushioned afternoon buzz, with euphoric mind focus.

Know your local laws, contact a doctor for medical advice.

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