Black Gold 80/20 indica Review, 191 Newly Licensed Hemp Farmers in Ohio

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The State of Ohio issued 191 new licenses for Hemp farming. Hemp was more recently grown for it's fiber - new farmers are focused on growing hemp for the medicinal CBD compound. Hemp is my favorite fiber for papers - I rolled up a smoke with Black Gold cannabis buds and OCB Organic Hemp papers.

Black Gold

The Black Gold 80/20 indica dominant cannabis strain is the result of the 5-way crossing of the created with the crossing of the Afghanistan, Original Black Domina, Northern Lights, Canadian, and Hash Plant strains (Source). Black Gold buds have an average 18%-22% THC.


This dense and uniform, outdoor grown, Black Gold nugget has dark and light greens, a tiny dash of purple, ample tight mats of bright orange and golden pistils, a resinous coating of amber, and a sweet and sour dank vanilla diesel orange pine spice scent.


191 New Hemp Farmers in Ohio

This is the first year that hemp is being legally farmed in Ohio - 206 farmers applied, 191 licenses were issued. Hemp is grown for it's industrial use fiber, the scent and flavor terpenes, and the medicinal CBD compound. New hemp farmers seem to be most interested in growing the hemp for the CBD - to be legally classified by the US Federal Government as legal hemp, it must contain less than 0.3% THC (the psychoactive compound in cannabis that get's you high). The wife of one of the 191 farmers recently licensed to legally grow hemp in Ohio uses CBD to ease her leg cramps, so she can get a good night sleep - the farmer says that hemp is more profitable than growing hay, but does require more attention to be sure the hemp plants do not contain THC that is above the legal limit. He's starting out with a modest 2 acre crop, to be sure that everything runs smooth for the first season. There's already a CBD processing company in the state, Hemp Ohio, that has been importing hemp from other states to make CBD products (Video Source). The FDA does not yet have quality controls in place, so it's important to acquire CBD products from a trusted source that properly tests for their CBD content.


The Roll Up

I reached for the OCB Organic Hemp unbleached papers for the Black Gold bud roll up. Light weight papers, they burn slow and smooth.


Bright sweet and sour vaporous herbal dank orange diesel pine spice zest flavor - complex, reminiscent of the various parent strains. Solid relaxation and cushion, euphoric and stress relieving effects - laid back, smooth end of the day buzz.


Know your local laws, this Review is Not Intended to be medical advice.

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Super dense and I can see those trichomes from a mile away 🤤 Reminds me of the MAC 1 that I smoked last night. Good stuff!