Thai Coconut Curry with Infused Rice

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I found some tasty food pics from my early dispensary days. This infused coconut oil was one of the best finds! It's an easy way to make coconut rice to go with take-out, and infuse dinner at the same time!






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Mmm that would be good to use to make from scratch or to add to takeout if they only have plain rice. That would go good with a thai stick!

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You could even stash one of those contaiers in your purse and dump it into your curry in the restaurant. I'm pretty sure that the waitresses at my favourite Thai place are 420-friendly anyway :)

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How was it?

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It was one of those most chronic edibles I've ever had and some of the tastiest coconut rice at the same time, so it was perfection. The only danger was eating too much and getting too baked. Food coma plus edibles green out will guarantee a couch lock, haha!

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That looks amazing MediKatie.
Can you infuse some food for me, too? <3