Newly Discovered Cannabinoid Combinations that Treat Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

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Non-Hodgkin lymphoma cells have higher expression of CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors in the mRNA of the cell compared to regular cells, ready to be stimulated by cannabinoids to self-destruct. A recent study shows that certain cannabinoid combinations effectively treat My-La and HuT-78 cell lines of lymphoma, resulting in up to 50% 86% cell death respectively.

My-La cell line viability against various cannabinoid compounds

S4: a compound consisting of CBD (98.3%), THC (0.3%), cannabigerol (CBG 0.2%), a-bisabolol (0.9%) and cannabidivarin (CBDV 0.09%).

S5: a compound consisting of CBG (58.8%) and CBD (38.2%), THC (0.7%) and cannabichromene (CBC 0.4%).

DOXO: doxorubicin aka Adriamycin ® or Rubex®

HuT-78 cell line viability against various cannabinoid compounds

The following cannabinoid compounds were found to have anti-lymphoma properties at varying concentrations:


Pure CBD in some concentrations causes My-La cell proliferation rather than apoptosis (death); however, when added to other cannabinoids, like CBG, THC, or CBC it has anti-cancer properties.


Mazuz, M., Tiroler, A., Moyal, L., Hodak, E., Nadarajan, S., Vinayaka, A. C., Gorovitz-Haris, B., Lubin, I., Drori, A., Drori, G., Cauwenberghe, O. V., Faigenboim, A., Namdar, D., Amitay-Laish, I., & Koltai, H. (2020). Synergistic cytotoxic activity of cannabinoids from cannabis sativa against cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) in-vitro and ex-vivo. Oncotarget, Vol. 11(issue 13), Pp. 1141–1156.

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Not 5 mins ago @hotsauceislethal and I were chatting in discord about medicinal cannabis and he said, "There is so much we don't know." Appreciating the shared knowledge and the growing understanding of this healing plant.


That's so true - so much we don't know.
Also, there's so much we DO know, but it's being suppressed, or at the very least, not officially recognized. Since the late 90s, scientists from many respected universities and hospitals around the world had confirmed that cannabinoids treat certain cancers. And Nixon's scientists found that too, in the mid 70s, when he was hoping they'd find the opposite (that cannabis CAUSES cancer) so he could use it as fuel for his War on Drugs.
Amazing how such knowledge has been kept from the majority of us for decades! And maybe that's not even the entire story - perhaps it goes deeper, and back even further?
One thing seems sure... we need to end prohibition, and stop censoring this knowledge!

True. It's not a matter of does cannabis cure cancer? and other diseases too, it's a matter of what concentration of which cannabinoid profiles for specific diseases. Human clinical trials of cannabinoids as treatments for many diseases is decades past due.

Awesome @MediKatie, thanks! Upvoted and resteemed.
So it really appears CBG is the key here, since CBD and THC appear in some concentration in almost every strain. What are the best strains for CBG?

Apparently there are a bunch of strains with CBG in the name that are supposedly high in CBG. But it's technically CBGA that gets carboxylated. CBG is extremely medicinal with other diseases too, no wonder it's one of the most expensive cannabinoids.

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