An Improvement In Vapes? It's The 'New Normal'!!!

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Have you seen this post by @doitvoluntarily?

Things Are Getting Better For The Cannabis Vape Market

Well they most certainly are! Much better. Especially around our neck of the woods. We're getting a steady supply of New Normal vape products, and I couldn't be more pleased.

What are New Normal Vapes? Well hold onto your hornet's nest for a minute and I'll tell you.


There's A New Normal In Everyday Vaping

No one who consumes vape products can deny the validity of complaints that doitvoluntarily brings up in the article linked above.

Fakes are everywhere and it's anyone's guess what kind of crap is mixed in with the concentrates.

Strawberry Mario Carts anyone? I didn't think so.

A buddy of mine was getting the highest quality vape products around when he visited Vegas or Laughlin a couple years back. Regulations in the State of Nevada required testing and pure products.

They had it down better than California, but that seems to be changing.


A Move To Medical Dispensaries

Though weed is legal for recreational use in the State of California, it hasn't been easy for non-medical shops to remain open.

It's not such a bad thing with the quality of vapes now available. New Normal leads the pack as far as I can tell. They've done away with the old 510 threaded vape pen style and moved to a better outfit.


The carts are more compact and much more efficient. There's a whole gram of concentrate packed in that cartridge. Better efficiency means they give solid hits and last almost twice as long.

And the quality of oil? Fantastic. I've been staying mainly with the more energetic Awake, as they call it. Awake carts have been either Green Kush or Green Crack so far.

One out of the 7 or so I've been through was a Blue Dream, and I didn't care for the overtly vanilla flavor. Still, the effect of the concrete was superb.


$62.00 Per 1G Cart & Worth Every Penny

New Normal offered the starting kit for $20 and a buy 10 get one free card. I'm almost there! If you do happen to come across this brand, I strongly suggest giving it a go. You won't be disappointed.

It's clean, powerful concentrate with a better vape unit. You won't have to worry that you're vaping BS and supporting irresponsible producers.

Images are my own. Thanks for reading. Buy WEED on LeoDEX. It's cheap as dirt......but not for long.

Oh, and there's a pic of a killer nug to sign off with.


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I used to have a Pax Pod, which is almost like this, and i did enjoy it better then the 510. When I buy carts, I always get pure cannabis, and maybe if it has added cannabis terpenes, I stay away from added food grade terpenes, I hate those! They just do not mix it right, it is always a weird buzz.

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Can't stand the funky high from those or the taste. I'm right with you. 💨

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Did any of the products you mention pass the lead test?

80% of products in the markets you speak of failed the lead test.

Good post though, i use a vape on a regular basis.

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I'd have to probably track the test from the batch to be 100% certain.



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Its super unreliable but its all good I have the risk I am getting when I vape, its so silly there isn't transparency in China, they need to open up to the world.