A Stoner Bought 6098 WEED Today For A Price Of .420

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Is the WeedCashNetwork getting ready for wrapped WEED? Did U notice this action on WEED today? There was a nice buy I saw on the LeoDex which made me wonder....

What's going on with the wWEED Uniswap pool? Is it nearing a launch date? That would most excellent. Why? Cause it would offer a way for larger investors to provide liquidity to the WeedCashNetwork! That would mean more valuable WEED tokens for all of us!

I Got Plenty More Buds, Carts, Edibles, etc., To Blog About

There are so many stoners out there and only a small fraction even know about the WeedCashNetwork. A higher value token will draw interest for sure. I'm here on HIVE and not going anywhere. The more I make, the more I stake!


WooHoo!! That candle shot right up to .420

Next goal for WEED? 4.20!!! All we need is liquidity and a lot more stoners. The future isn't far off.

For a teaser and a signoff, here's a hint of tomorrow's subject matter. A nice view of of some Golden Ticket Sativa.


Until next time....have a great 420 &

Won't you come buy some WEED?


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Been pushing Weedcash to the growers I know. Once I catch one, I’ll catch them all!

Family and friends seem willing to listen to me about Crypto nowadays where I got the eye rolls before. They still don't seem ready to take action. I expect one day in the near future they'll all be calling me to ask a million questions. I'll be there to help as best I can. 😁

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I saw that big purchase too.

I also reviewed the WEED token through the @spinvest account just a few days ago.

I loved the store.

I've been buying bit and pieces and have been reading through the weedcash network, deciding if I am going to take up blogging on this platform.

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So cool. I hope you do decide to blog here on the WeedCash Network! You got my vote already!! 😁💨

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WEED sometimes hits you with a bang... ;) lol

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Sometimes ya feel like a blunt, sometimes you don't.

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