trying the bong

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You don't see me coughing in this video. That came after lol.
@lacausa recommend it to me. To test out my slightly too wet weed with a bong. Well it hits like a bomb. pew. yes, those bongs are sometimes good for you.

Peace out

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Smoking the weed you grow yourself, has a special magic to it.

Its the best. You know there's nothing in there that shouldn't be

You made that from a seed with not much more than your skills..... and now you're medicated off it.... that's the closest to magic we can get! Congrats and enjoy.

I can do another magic trick. Here you see a top of weed. And now it's gone tadaa🤣😁😆

That was pretty good! You've been practicing LOL

Looks like some pretty good hits man! Enjoy!

It was 😁

I do think i heard a fart though, lol kidding.

At 22 seconds ppppppttttt ; D

LOL, must be that good shit! I fart too when I dab

🤣it was the chair i think. or the cat haha

Well yeah, you have to intake a large amount of air for the dab... it's only natural that some air might have to escape to make room : D
And yeah blame it on the cat!