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This is my first attempt at making seeds.
And this is a crossing of PBB and silvermac And it looks like it is a plant with a high thc content.






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Yeah stress seems to be a curtail component of THC Production, Like increasing the UV exposure for example. I'm actually thinking potency may even be up to something known as genetic trauma, this would explain certain strains propensity to produce THCV as well as THCA.

The different ambient stressors encountered in their native habitat leading to the strain producing Either THCA for protection from the sun and THCV to deter disease or predation.

accidental cross pollination has produced a few of my favorite plants and a few duds as well, roll of the dice.

Yeah that is why is it is best to not listen to people saying this and that about seed making, so many winners was made from accident. Also great point about the stress. One method that I always try, is is bring down humidity to 40% the last two weeks of flower. Hard to do during lights off though.

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Michigan indoors always has low humidity at least in my grow, but out doors you cant really stop it. Gorilla Glue has a odd ability to resist bud rot & mold outdoors in Michigan. Its my hypothesis it has something to do with Tropically adapted Landrace strains in its lineage. GG4 has Chocolate Thai in its lineage, while not the same geographic area Chocolate Thai or Thai stick now extinct is a sativa dominant landrace from a humid environment. Durban Poison has yet to go extinct so it has more accurate info It to comes from a very humid area only instead of Thailand its The south African port city of Durban. Both of which are very humid and experience muggy conditions during the majority of the summer. Durban has less rain but high humidity according to leafily the Durban poison strain has quote

"Growers and concentrate enthusiasts will both enjoy the over-sized resin glands which make this strain a quality choice for concentrate extraction. The buds are round and chunky, and leave a thick coating of trichomes on almost all areas of the plant."

What I'm getting to with all this hoopla is Michigan is a rather moist environment, what we typically grow in or near is a swamp. Gorilla Glue Cherry pie and a few other strains like resist mold & bud rot when grown outdoors here. Certain strains just fail less when grown outdoors here and I account for the growth time. Its just the sticky ass bud does better resisting pests mold and bud rot IDK but I think there may be a reason as to why. My Best guess its linked to THCV production.


For a first try at making seeds, I think cross-pollination attempts are risky. Should you learn to walk before you run? Most cross-pollinations fail and lead nowhere. Those that are viable can take an expert breeder years to stabilize. If this is your first rodeo, consider producing seeds without creating a new strain. It's fun to make up new names, but the reality of the situation is a little more complicated.

This started as an accident that I hope to be able to turn into something beautiful. We'll see what it does

And here I am getting pissed about seeds in my weed

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My best wishes for you on your seed-maker task.

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Damn that stress is really bringing out the trichome production! This will be some good seed stock. So cool seeing more hobby breeder on the chain!

these are possible thanks to you. the siver mac i'm talking about😄✌

Well it’s was only proper to hook you up. You saw my last post?

yes 💚💪

this is the first time that i see some buds like those, i love that plant :D



Look at those crystals and hairs! Beauty!

I would love to grow a big old female for cloning, and a male for seeds!

Great shots.