weedcash lighters yeah

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In the picture it looks a bit dusty. But that is cardboard fabric otherwise they are beautiful with a nice led light. And I have a lot of them. They are refillable so could last a long time
tomorrow my lights will arrive and my magnifying glass will be there next week. All with weedcash logo. The arcade games will take another 3 weeks, but they are also in production


This is something I'm working on. But it is quite expensive and I find it disappointing in terms of print. These are also expensive Waterman pens. but they go per 10 pieces each at 30 euros. maybe nice if my shop starts running a bit. I have to start small to get big. haha


Its nice to have dreams
hope you like it sofar thx besafe bekind

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It's gonna be lit. Literally. 🙃
Every large business started small somewhere in time, so keep it up!


😋I hope so

I shared your lighters and their link on Torum I have close to 400 followers over there it probably will get seen more than me re blogging on hive

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oke cool


lighters are straight dope🔥🔥🔥


my new toy keychain

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did you order these from weedcash store? or they are gonna be sold there or what

I made these. I'm going to sell them for 2 euros, but I also think that if you order something from me, you will get them for free. I think for the american market it is best to make a deal with thelogicaldude. due to shipping costs.

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