sleepy medication time 😂🤣🤪

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I should have been asleep already. But after the necessary medication. I am at a level where I like to put my thoughts on paper. I'm also going to keep it short. I have plans to start looking for work again this week. There is plenty but I am very demanding myself. I don't want shit pay or shitty work. I don't want 40 hours either. And then many companies drop out. My motivation is not 100% either. But if I find the work interesting, then it becomes a different story.


I am also worth something on the work floor. I have leadership quality. and spatially in view can handle most machines. Forklift to extraction systems. Yes, I learned that from growing. People who grow cannabis themselves are the people who are solution-oriented. I have a creative mind. the appearance of a young god hihi. I am blessed with great people around me. including you. Yes, we are the generation to take over. And make something beautiful out of it together.


I really need to go to bed tomorrow another busy day. But I wish everyone a nice week. May everyone reach their goal & May the coin prices rise.


see ya next time


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