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I like short, clear language. But because my first language is Dutch. And I usually use google translator. Some things may seem vague. I also usually read the translation and see if I understand it and put it that way. All extra work, but I enjoy doing it. I notice that my use of language is also getting better. In my own language haha. I used to have a lot of tutoring and I hated it. But I still benefit from it now. My tutor was a chain smoker. smoked 6 cigarettes in 45 minutes, that was the time I spent there. grammar spelling and syntax. And now watch me write beautiful blogs lol. this was about 30 years ago and I was about 10 years old.


I was never really a star at school learning. I also have ad (h) d -h
so my interests were never in class. I was a good listener, so luckily I got a bit along. My school career was a bumpy road. I have some diplomas but all are middle class.
Fortunately, you can find everything on the internet nowadays. And if you also talk to people you will also find out what you want to know.


I grew like a blogger last year. And plan to only make better blogs. Share deeper thoughts. I am not afraid to make myself vulnerable and open, it has already given me so much. And the nice thing about here on the blockchain is we all come from a different place. But if your heart is in the right place, we are all the same with about the same wishes. one love


I've now got my life in pretty good order. have had some tough years, but everything is temporary. So unfortunately also my success. At least I feel successful haha. I have been rich I have been street poor. When I have money I often spend it on stupid things. I am now trying to save and only buy things that you can use. to grow further.


we live in weird times covid, elections in usa ect. And I don't want to get involved too much, but they now use covid in the Netherlands to make something forbidden again and that is fireworks. And as a big fan I am disappointed. And they say it's just for this year but I predict this was the end of a great tradition. They want this to relieve hospitals. which is good in itself but forbid alcohol if you ask me. that's the reason there are injuries

Yes I'm going to finish. This is my attempt at making an adult post. I am very vague of the many joints, but I can still be clear. I prove once again that cannabis really doesn't make dumb. free people legalize cannabis. and believe in each other


greetings from loonatic®
have a nice saturday besafe. Bekind
peace !!!

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my plants have spider mites and I fail lol, that looks great dude, at least someone can grow a bud around here right?

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Sorry to hear that. I hate spider mites! I like my plants insect/pest free, as much as possible. Some people use bugs to kill bugs... others use chemicals... I prefer diatomaceous earth!

try lady bugs ore clear the room desinfect and start over. Is my advice the sooner the better
I have small froot flys in my tent after this grow i clean the tent with litle chlore kills al and than start again .
Thx for your comment one luv

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Diatomaceous Earth is a safe and effective cure for fruit flies and many other pests. Mix it into your soil, also sprinkle some on top where the flies land.

ok Thx I gonna try this

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lol ugh oh the organic elitists are on site! time for science class!

In school, I was always thinking about playing music.