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A small tent update. This is the banana puch mack and cheese. or better said the bigmack it's a full bunch i took off a few leaves from the bottom i took off a branch that probably would come to a tip but better all the energy to the rest of the top's

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Is it the lighting or some of the leaves are getting brown?


there is some yellow on the bud looks oke too me. the yung buds are yellow.
Might have to do with the light to dry air to mutch water ect

What PH are you using for watering? What are you feeding her with? The humidity may be too low/high temp, the plant looks healthy but kinda tired.

Ph is 6,5 i only use tapwater and lemon kick to reduce the tapwater that is 8,5
I just gave the last 2 days alot and aslo full 100 powel of my led lamp that is 750

750 is quite a lot for such a small tent, the height of the light looks fine, as the leaves are not burned, but the conditions may not be optimal (hum/temp/vent), get a Terrarium Hygrometer if you don't have one it will come in handy. It also could be the excess of Calcium, but we shall see in the next updates. Best of Luck!

Looking good!

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