My Corona Chronic Collection 5 Strain Review

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Corona Chronic Collection.png

It wasn't until I got home that I realized just how many strains I have on the go at the moment. 5 different types. My wife and I tend to order the cheapest weed we can, seeing no difference in the more expensive strains except for on our wallets. Doing this leads to a heavily rotating stock of shrubbery and lets us sample a wide array of marijuana. Here are some small reviews on what is keeping me happy and stress free for this lockdown pandemic.

DSCN1374  Edited.jpg

Island Pink - Hybrid

~20% THC

I think we all know what the aroma of this green friend will be. It's pink and it's a citrus fruit! This weed is a nice friendly euphoria that is good to lounge around on near a bowl of chips.


DSCN1381  Edited.jpg

Gelato - Hybrid

~21% THC

An Indica dominant hybrid from Cookie Fam Genetics, this green has a dominant smell of berries and citrus with a faint hint of lavender. It is a very pleasant weed to experience second hand, where I find the aroma is enhanced.


DSCN1385  Edited.jpg

Sunset Sherbert - Hybrid

~19% THC

With ancestry from OG Kush and Cherry pie, then crossed with Pink Panties, Sunset Sherbert inherits some wicked genes. If you're in a foul mood give this one a torch and feel it melt away as you sip on some nice green dessert.


DSCN1387  Edited.jpg

Hindu Kush - Indica


The sandalwood aroma of the burning flower is quite pleasant and calming. Even moreseo when inhaled. A good green for the last bowl before bed. An excellent way to center oneself.


DSCN1390  Edited.jpg

Trainwreck - Hybrid

~18% THC

This is a creeper weed that hits you like a... well... trainwreck. It has hints of pine and citrus which is pleasant on the nose. I can confirm that this is a creeper weed and you have to be careful with low tolerance users.


All in all, I think Trainwreck is my favorite, even though it's on the lower end of the thc scale. As long as you expect the creeping effect of the green it is a pleasing mellow experience. I need to get some more sativas into my mix as most of these are indica dominant hybrids. Which is good for gaming, but not much else.

lacking  Edited.png

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Nice looking chronic collection and photos. I've been indica starved lately, that Hindu Kush is looking especially nice - now i'm extra stoked about a mail order coming in next week :D

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All of them look great, but the Trainwreck might’ve my favorite on the list.

So it’s legal to order, and is it for pleasure or pain, and that name train wreck is awful

Yep, legal to order. I use it recreationally and to reduce anxiety. But mostly recreationally, not gonna lie about that lol.

The names can be downright ridiculous. "Alien Space Cookies" may be my favorite weird name lol

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