Herm Pollen Sack Up-Close

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Hi all,

Check-out the clip of what's inside a herm pollen sack. Thanks.

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I think the bananas are analogous to animal testes pretty much....
You got a good closeup of them at the end. Those ones aren't mature yet... can't see the pollen. But give it a couple more days and you'd be in trouble!
How'd that plant go herm? Light stress maybe?

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Maybe light, I think I flipp them wrong when I go to flower.

Hmmmm. I've had a few ball sacks myself over the years. I don't really know why. Perhaps because I don't use a tent, and sometimes they get light during dark hours in flowering.
This is one thing a lot of growers still don't really understand. I hope to figure it out at some point!

Yea, light leak can herm them. In my case, I don't know. I thought it might be the unstable Genetics and fem seeds...so I went with reg seeds but 3 out of four females hermed right away. I'm thinking...I don't flip them to flower correctly. I just go from 20/4 to 12/12. I heard some growers go dark for 48 hours before flip. I don't know, I have been keeping record of all I my observations. I have to say herm plants have produced very potent weed for me.

Keeping a record is a good idea.
I dunno about 48 hours of darkness. What would that simulate, from the plants' perspective? A total eclipse that lasted a really long time? I kinda think that would stress them, but who knows. I try and give them as close to what they would experience in Nature as possible... except an ideal version of it. Perfect weather for growing nice and big and healthy, just enough water, natural lighting, etc. Maybe instead of going right from 4 hours of dark to 12, creep it up by 2 hours every few nights? So the flip would happen over a couple weeks, instead of instantaneously. We are trying to emulate a change from spring/summer to summer/fall growing, which happens gradually and not overnight. Something to look into anyway. I've done things that way and felt it went quite well, but I too need more data to be sure.

Good thing we can all experiment.

That really sucks, Nice that you caught it early

Yea, I keep checking everday.

damm. i hate too see it =[ i got some of them due overlighting. gladly u took them away early enough !

Yea, it was a 3 day event. Just going tru each branch at a time.

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