Rosin Cocktail

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Hi All,

I pressed 3 of my strains (I'm calling it "Rosin Cocktail") and got rosin to dab...

Got 0.07 of rosin out of 1.28 weed. Not bad.


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Awesome work man I can't wait to see even more stuff from you.

And I need to get one of those presses.

I'm saving to get a real press. Thanks for the support as always...spark that shit!

Here's a vote from us to help get there.

And why not do a contest to measure the final wieght for you to get this goal?

And I seen a few presses here in my area for at most half off and nearly brand new.

Appreciate it!!!

Your welcome!

Rosin Rorschachs! ;D

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Lol, exactly.