Jungle Boys- "LA Kush Cake" - Week 1 of Flower

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Hi All,

I flipped the Jung Boys 2 days ago. It's Week-One of flower ("Week 5" Fox Farm Schedual) in the Jung Boys LA Kush Cake grow...

The mainlining went well. I got 8 even tops/mainlines/Crowns...

The 3 plants infront look like females and the 2 in the back look like males.

I should get a definite result in a week or so...I am hoping for females.

For this grow I am using the entire line of Fox Farm nutrients based on the schedual below:

(Source: Fox Farm)

Week 5, Feeding 2x per week -0.2 gallon of water for each plant. I also water 2x per week in-between feedings

680 Watt(75%), Mars Hydro FC-E6500 at 3 feet distance, 12/12 light-cycle
75°- 80°
45% - 55%

Check-Out the previous post on this subject.


Looking good man. Keep up the great work.


Hell yeah! I dropped mine in water last night! It’s on!!

Awsome. I like how it worked out. I get to see the future with the Mack and you get to see the future with the JB.

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