Jungle Boys- "LA Kush Cake" - End of Week-4-Veg

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Hi All,

So, yesterday was end of week 4 of veg. in the LA Kush Cake grow...

Last week I topped the plant (1st Cut)...

This week I topped the plant for the 2nd cut, leaving me with four mini-tops and four fan leaves..

I will repeat the process one more time this week, to give me 8 mainlines....

Here is how I feed, water and spray:

End of Week-4-Veg: Jungle Boys (and Girls)

For this grow I am using the entire line of Fox Farm nutrients based on the schedual below:

(Source: Fox Farm)

Week-4-Veg., Feeding 2x per week -0.1 gallon of water for each plant. I also water 2x per week in-between feedings

3 tsp per gallon of "Big Bloom"
3 tsp per gallon of "Grow Big"
1 tsp per gallon of "Boomberang"
1/2 tsp per gallon of "Kangaroots"
1/2 tsp per gallon of "Wholly Mackerel"
1/4 tsp per gallon of "Kelp Me Kelp You"
1/4 tsp per gallon of "Open Sesame"
2 tsp per gallon of "Flower Kiss"
Flower Kiss foliar spray 2x per week; 30 min before lights-on.

100 Watt, Mars Hydro LED at 3 feet distance, 20/4 light-cycle
75°- 80°
60% - 66%

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I do that double-top method, too. Maybe I'll try triple-topping for 8 flowers next time.

It takes longer in veg, but it's worthwhile.

I'm very familiar with double-topping (one node apart) to produce a perfect square of 4 flowers. I have a rectangular indoor garden space and normally do 3 of 4 plants that way, side by side. The square (from above) shape is perfect for that.

When topping yet again (a third time), also on the node immediately after the last top, what shape (from above) does the plant take? I can imagine if a fourth top was possible, that would theoretically produce 16 flowers, and I think it would end up in a roughly 4x4 pattern. But when there's 8 tops, how do they arrange themselves? I'm asking because I'd like to know the overall shape of the resulting plant, for my tight garden space. Are they long and thin, perhaps roughly 2x4? Or do they form more of a circular plant? Or is it irregular, depending on growing conditions and genetics?

I've never tried it but I'm curious. You seem knowledgeable about triple top tech (on consecutive nodes) so I thought I'd ask what you've observed. :)

They form a circle with 7 tops plus one in the middle.

You can easly fit 5 in a 4x4

A circle, okay, not bad! I could work with that. Sounds like I could get 3 adult plants like that in my little rectangular space. I'll look into trying this when it would be appropriate. Looks like you do some tying and training as well.
Thanks for the info and photos!

Yes, lots of training. Im still learning. I just found out about grafting cannabis. There so much to learn and try.

Right on! Following that chart is a great way to go. Thanks for showing us your technique, going to be so cool to watch. I am so stoked to grow that as well!

It hurts everytime I cut it.

Lol yeah I fell you. What about the accidental breaks? Those hurt so bad haha

I just had one node break on the JB grow when I was moving pots.