Jungle Boys- "LA Kush Cake/ Bag Seed Monsters" -End of Week 1 of Flower

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Hi All,

It's end of week 1 of flower...

I added a new lights from Mars Hydro, FC-E6500. It's 680 watts of power. Super excited about this light, no complaints as of yet. Should give me a way higher yield.

The plants took-off quick. They grow taller everyday. The Monsters are going to be huge plants...

This mainline is looking strong, I should get big cowns...

Stigmas everywhere, just what I like to see.

For this grow I am using the entire line of Fox Farm nutrients based on the schedual below:

(Source: Fox Farm)

Week 5, Feeding 2x per week -0.2 gallon of water for each plant. I also water 2x per week in-between feedings

680 Watt(100%), Mars Hydro FC-E6500 at 3 feet distance, 12/12 light-cycle
Day: 78°- 81°
Night: 74°-76°
45% - 55%

Check-Out the previous post on this subject.


Congrats on the new light! I have zero complaints about my Mars ts1000. Do they have the Samsung diodes in this new light?

Thanks, yes.

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Nice, That's awesome that you got a new light. I think the bar lights will change the way we can grow and fill space👍👍☮️

Yes, it's adjustable. Yea, LEDs are it for now.

Beautiful plants and a good lamp. How many plants do you have in your tent?

Thanks, 11.

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