Jungle Boys- "LA Kush Cake/ Bag Seed Monsters" -End of Week 4 of Flower

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Hi All,

It's end of week 4 of flower and we are looking packed.. Finally I got a full tent. The Jungle Boys are comming along, while the Monsters are killing it. Check-Out the clip..


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You have to get a good gr/w ratio. They look very healthy and vigorous. Very nice.

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Thanks, I got 680w. 1.5 g/w would be a awsome. 1g is what Im expecting.

Healthy stalks, and great job on the mainline, you seem to have that down. Man the La Kush Cakes really have a strong smell to them. I really hope I have at least 1 female

Yea, it kinda smells like Runtz. BTW, Runtz, Gelato 33 & 45 are next. Ima have my tent purple as fuck.

Hell yeah! Hopefully you get the Calico colors with the Big Mack

You got high odds for females. I had 14 total and got 6 males out 10. At 50/50 you should get 3 females.

I did notice the tops of the 2 females turn pinkish purple. Too bad I cut it before I took a pic.