Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese F2 - Germinate

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Hi All

So two days ago I germinated the Banana Punch X Mac & Cheese that I received from @jonyoudyer. I'm excited to get these going...

4 of 6 germinated...I didn't pre-soak in water so I think the rest should pop soon. I put the 4 seeds in red plastic cup for the seedling stage...



Niiice, remember to get em off the paper before they get stuck in... those roots can be a bastard!

Otherwise go you 😁 keep growin!

Thanks, I put them in a cup already. It's becoming clock work. I love growing.

Sweet looking forward to seeing em when they're all grown up

Right on man! Happy growing:)

Thanks, They look strong.



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Nice not bad rate, @jonyoudyer this is what I got right? I am always Messing up names 😂

Lol me too.