Bag Seed Herm "BSH Clone OG" - Week-6

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Hi All,

Today is the first day of week 7. I am planning to harvesr two weeks from today. The purple colors are starting to show at the tops...

Earlier this week I removed the bottom 20% of the branches...

They were small buds, but dense... so I hung'em to dry...

Two days ago, I flushed with "Sledge Hammer Flush," Fox Farm solution.

The trichomes are cloudy and clear with some amber developing....

Today I ran 9 gallons of RO water and got the PPM to 150. I will continue with only PH water until harvest....


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What a great nuggs you have there! Love them fat like that! good share man


Yes, looks like adding cal mag is the way to go. I gave some a few days before flushed. I also, gave some candy. The lil buds are drying and they are stinky af. I think my second go around is going to be close to what I want to smoke.