Bag Seed Herm "BSH Clone OG" - "Final Weight"

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Hi All,

It's beed 8 days of drying and they are ready to jar. I could have left them a few more days, but I decided to finish it up today...

I got about 60-70 grams total...

The last 2 weeks I've been taking branches and nuggs and pressing and smoking them, I say about 60% of the tree.

I'm still learning, so I experiment...

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Cool you got a trim bin thing too, you believe I just got one? lol

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Wow, Damn it! This is classy, I bet it was fun drying and preparing all of that weed.
Are you tryna smoke it up? Or you wanna sell'em?

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30 grams, should be good for 10 days

I guess. But that's not a direct answer to my question.

What will it be used for?

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Smoke it.

That's dope as a motherfucker.🔥🔥🔥👍🏻🥂🌿

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cool rosin. Do you not use filter bags?
Rosin is nice stuff to make, but I think it's a waste of the weed.🙄😁
But it is a lot more concentrated. What do you use to squeeze?

Im using a flat I got the bags but I need to get a good press first. It is a waste, but...I want to try different things.

cool that it works. the first time I tried to make it, I grabbed pans. That was not really successful.

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