Bag Seed Clones - Harvest Day

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Hi All,


Today, I finally cut them down...

This is the first time I harvest 3 plant that went the distance...

I packed my small tent with some very good stuff. Now I wait...and wait for 10 or more days before I can jar them/smoke them.

This leaf is very special to me. It started its journey about 6 months ago when I planted my first set of seeds. It went from the mother plant to my clone-dome, from the clone-dome back to veg., from veg. to flower and flower to harvest. I will try to preserve this one as it is a symbol of strength, resilience, perseverance and accomplishment.

Thank you all for all the support throught upvote, reblogs and comments.

Now on to the Jungle Boys.


Congrats man! I do wish I still had my first ever cut, which was a Tahoo Og x Og. We kept it around for over 2 years, but eventually took a break.

Just put that under 24 hours of light and it will be back in about a month:)

No, im not revegging. It's the leaf im keeping. I kept the original mom. She recovered fast the other 2 are still chilling with no leaves just branches started to turn green...crazy.

AHH, ok. That would be cool! TO have a scrap book to show your plants in the future, lol

Hola. Es una planta muy sana, me gusta como se ve y además su fruto debe ser muy delicioso, me gustaría probar un poco jeje. Un abrazo desde Colombia.

Hi there. It is a very healthy plant, I like how it looks and also its fruit must be very delicious, I would like to try a little hehe. A hug from Colombia.

Thank you. I wish I can share.

Ohh sería genial jejeje. Saludos y bendiciones.

Ohh that would be great hehehe. Greetings and blessings.

Dam that's an awesome story about the leaf. It's a special leaf.

What do you think the yield is

The 3 plants 200g

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