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Good afternoon, or evening, or however this finds you in time. Thank goodness this is an ever growing world wide platform, with soo much love for cannabis that I am allowed to earn an buy a token named for its slang sake. FANTASTIC. Well, and a safe area to share gained grow knowledge and experience. Speaking of... here's what my Nikon D5200 would look like as a lady beetle, flying by the flower section.

👆Looking just past the Stronger stacking an stanking Sour D. Into the land of the 3rd week.

👈It is early morning, just skirting under the '73 and Swan Bon-Sai. I'm starting to use a real camera again, so light meter is important to making the smell of that morning crisp, try and ring thru, in that darker purple tone. How's that transmit smell over photo coming along? I've upgraded my equipment, YOUR move.


This is week 3 of the V-11 cutting that was gifted, now, 8 weeks back. This seems to be tracking along with the same Pheno profile of JSW, to which OH MY. That V-11 is of King Louis the IIIX lineage that happened to be pollinated in a larger field back in 2019. Maybe a down side then, but working great today.

Looking nice it does have a more slender leaf than that of her cousins in the larger pots but still a very hardy strain.

Just beyond there in the Bigfoot area, is the StarGirl cut that I managed to take and bring up using pure LUCK and honey. Things are different now, if plants could talk huh?

No longer in the out of focus area of the lens. StarGirl could use a trim but that will be coming in the next week start of week 3. She is only in her 2nd week.

Looking across at the Ever Growing and building JSW and Sour D.

The larger leaves of the Sour D are going yellow and look to be in a sort of fade mode? Bugs for the most part are well controlled these days. I've started to use castille soap and orange oil. Works well, but I'm always weary of spraying the ladies. It is an every other day affair in the Veg area. We are trying our hand at mantis as well I'll keep you posted when those emerge.

There is that damn yellowing leaf. Could be nutrition could be water. 🤷‍♂

I have no idea, so far, but it is packing in tight and stiff, along with that sweet stank. Not too shabby

Nice little overview of that JSW. I did let most every restraint up off of most the ladies. They like anything I'm sure could use a break from tug and pull, and constant tied to the stake.

I do however love the resulting bud sites that are able to mature beyond what they might have been if just left to resemble a Xmas tree.
Went tight in on that for folks. With the upgrade to the photo equipment, your pinch an zoom should be ok.
That is where I found the lady for the bucket. I do hope she is the lady I'm looking for. That is Slymer x Wilson X 5G.
Getting the amends all squared away, worm castings, Down to Earth, and what was left from Last years Eskimo Pussy CBD. I figure it's green matter right, good for compost to load ahead. We shall see.
So well yeah, there ya go I'm gonna throw my bucket into the @canna-curate 5 Gallon Challenge.
It should go better than the week 3 cuttings here, but they are gonna make it as well it seems.

Barely got out of that Larry OG Auto with 18 grams. Damn mites.

No worries. Thankful we were able to get what we got. Just so anyone looking and going

"How are you Thankful?"

Simple. I learned with an Auto they are the delicate flower every person talks about, and if it can't be fixed in a 48 hr. period, and you are deep in flower, hope you have some nice photos as well. I chopped 2 last week only 1 made it.

So with most all I do, I like to end with beautiful image. Making it this far, I'm sure you have noticed I not only stepped up my pictures, but also the layout. Thank you to @dandays for drawing that picture. The photo problem is a quality issue on my end. That phone is not gonna cut it anymore folks. Hence the move to the Nikon.

StarField1 2.jpg

At some point I realized the Universe is just going to paint a better image than I can translate to my own hand or even imagine. I used an image that was taken by the Hubble telescope as back drop or fill. Heavy solar winds I guess.

Enjoy the coming week, and Finish the weekend off right. See you in the comments.

Knottydaddy, Tied Off.


I can show you how to enhance your photo's too. Damn children stoners, gotta teach'em everything.

Awesome as always. I have to get myself a bucket for the challenge now. I have two seeds germinating and it would be fun to participate in the challenge.

Good luck in the germination, I'm hoping my theory big leaning seedling means male, if so, I chose right out if these 4. Fingers crossed.

Fuck yes! Do it right is an understatement, very much looking forward to this. I’ll be posting my 5 gallon challenge contender soon.

Also imagine if plants could talk after going through the clone stage, it would be pure trauma! Lol

Screaming for food. Honey can only sustain them so long. Looking forward to the Buckets.

Great post I like they way your write very nice story like flow! made my bedtime bowl even better!! peace and Love to Ya!!

Thanks for stopping by. I do appreciate reading, glad you enjoyed my ramblings.


love it! :)

@tipu curate

Thanks for stopping by.

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Thanks for the share @chubb149

fantastico, lookin good man, can almost smell it from here. Really enjoyin watchin you get your grow on.

Thank you. Learning bevry day. Thanks for stopping by.

Plants are looking awesome

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Beat those damn bugs out, finally. Thanks for stopping in.

Awesome setup you have there....where can i find the 5 gallon challenge?

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@canna-curate is the one putting that on. Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to another bucket.