Typhoon Beauty Blew in this Weekend.

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This time with a Water Meter.
Perfect settings for proper moisture distribution.
Less than a week on from the massive defoliation. The other 3 that are here aren't quite ready for it yet, but getting there. My Thin Mintz at one time had shown pre-flower hairs but now I'm not seeing them. Find out real soon I guess.
They do look pHantastic after the trim. The Citrus Farmer is looking tough as well. Slurricane with a good stretch. The nodes that did develop on the 4 branches haven't stretched just sort of bunched up all tight. Looking forward to a super crop, then tie them down as well. New Method up for test in the tent.
This is my cut of StarGirl going thru again. Looks real good, long stringy hairs and nice thick support branches. Maybe get it on the 2nd time instead of the 3rd try hopefully. I have go juice makers stationed all over to make sure the drowsy don't set in. The projects win if the sleep takes over.
Thought you'd all appreciate an up close. This is the effect of a monster crop clone. She never really did re-veg all the way before I put her back to flower.
There is the Last of the Baller OG pollen. Something that is not talked about or noted a lot is the the care of a male I've nursed this 1 stud, an I will say.
It did not go as planned, but there is enough to preserve this line and have some to share as well. Seed that is.
I got the envelope and everything just have to finish writing the address now.
I don't leave the property too often, was like that before covid.
BUT when I do, I make damn sure I don't have to leave again for a good long while. Might be hard to tell but there's about 2-2.5 cords of pine in that trailer. All massive rounds of course.
Kid's have to take the bikes everywhere. Helpful in this case they are holding down the Costco run and the Flooring run.
300 sq. ft. of flooring and everything else ought to keep me occupied.
And a puzzle. I'm set for at least a week.
I know this conundrum will certainly keep me occupied.
Anyone else doing this in their runs, see where your at? First time for myself, took a sample of my last flower runs after a good dry out, make sure nothing was left squirming. They were only 1 gallon pots after all. I'm sure you can tell the difference between the shades just in the solution itself.
Not the most in-depth soil test, but that's why they have labs right? Well anyhow far left is the Jack Herer type, Zen Dojo, King Louis, and far right Motor Breath.
Now the swatches aren't perfect but it's all an approximate for what any of us are doing on any given moment anyhow so, Hand Grenades it is.
Closest to what is needed for me to get the best performance out of these ladies was a 7.5, on the Motor Breath. Which makes sense, best flavor, densest flower. 6.5 is almost perfect, so a whole point off.
Not that they will tell you what is missing in your soil, but if you have been paying attention to what you have been inputting then you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out your next moves.
For example, I always joke, Good place to grow rocks.
It is, if there were more water. But in this case, there's not. Well nice water that is. I've taken to try an use that to my advantage.
How's that you say?
Well if I have an abundance of mineral, for which is my problem. Then I just need to add the other's in an unbalanced proportion. Meaning lot's and lot's and lot's and lot's of organic matter.
Which ☝️ clearly is working. Also could be genetics, that is a Motor Breath cut.
If you remember the area under these ladies, and their root mate's has been dug out about 4' down 4' across and amended with most all the winter break off branches from round the property. Minced up real nice with the saw's, of course. Then layered with horse manure and food scrap/compostable, then dirt and repeated till you see what is now finished floor.
Didn't take long for a recovery on that chop. Filling in ever so nicely. I guess we should go over method so far, she was LST from 10", then took the scissors an made a monster crop and took all but the Tip TOP. Just the TIP
Lastly, a Miami Defoliation. Super Trim, almost waxed. 😉
All the stress put to this lady will hopefully pay off in the end. Didn't seem to force a herm.
I know she is growing them and they aren't being cut from my arms but it did hurt to cut so much back.
Caught everyone just before bed and getting tucked in.
That Wedding Cake and Thin Mintz had the same reaction as the #5gallonchallenge Slymer x Wilson. Must be doing something within margin.

Thanks for stopping in, if'n you did at all. I was supposed to be out here with this yesterday. Made it to the Monday again, but wait it was a Sunday actually. pHucking Tuesday's huh?

Knottydaddy, Tied off



Please don't massively defoliate?

Do you liposuction a pregnant chick?

You got me into a near cringe over the defoliate thing. Wow. Please read more into the reasons you don't do it.

Little yeah I get it. And I break a few too. But to see sticks like that... Just why.

And we'll.... Need..... To..... Educate...... You.

Biochar. Burn those sticks partly. Not all the way. And amendments are good. Don't forget to use a silica additive.

Unless you did.

And please don't liposuction the girls?


Yo this is pretty savage defoliation. Is this too much is your opinion?

Any tips on amending his soil.up?

Rough day?

Can't learn something new if you don't try something new, right?
Oh well.
They can't all be home runs I guess.
Thanks for stopping in.
Have a good day.

Wow. Ok then since you know it all I'll not comment here further.

Good luck.

Never said I knew it all.
Thought I had explained myself an the stress test.
No worries.
Have a good day.

Experimention=experience. Love your big beautiful canvas you have to put in the work.

Thank you. Thanks for the share.
Yeah, big dirt is bigger problems. All manageable, although sometimes it does seem untenable. Need to automate proper in the important areas an I'm sure it will free up time for further tuneing an improving.

Defoliation? Looks more like rape. Hardcore prison style gang rape in the laundry room... not that pussy ass Bill Cosby date-rape shit where ya drug em first. 😜😂

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LoL. Yeah was hard to get'em that close.
But the turn around should be pretty good.
Thanks for stopping by.

gratuitous arse shot, masses of weed, quite a post!

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I'm using it, I'm using it. I'm still waiting for something to happen.

Thank you for stopping in an sharing. Very helpful.

Have a good day.