Tip it up Tuesday, Eh?

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I know you just say me yesterday. Here's how it started.

Took almost an hour just to get that Sausage and Mac an Cheese. Had to field day the sink before that ever got underway. Gotta trade trade time somewhere, pHuck the dishes most the time. Bigger projects to fry.


I saw that @skylinebuds had thrown some lettuce in with a lady. I'm not sure how it's all gonna go either but I have tomato and cutting flowers in as well.
So next up. Gonna upsize the flower spot, and get that seedling area in primo condition. Maybe.
Almost forgot. Plan was to use the Ecency platform seeing as how all the photos are from the phone lately. But jeez that was just not a good interface for me. Didn't happen. Another one of those pHucking things huh.


Nice, Seems like cannabis like company so we just got to find what plants it likes 🤣

Am I seeing a vegetable challenge ahead in the future? 😂💚

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Not a bad idea there. Tomato an chili pepper use the same priciple. Might even turn up the terms on the Cannabis inadvertently.

bruh this sausage picture... at 1am... its killing me.. need food now.

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Not too make it worse but it's the type with the cheese in it.
Pro tip, toast the bun an throw some cream cheese on both sides then whatever else.
Long as no one is lactose problematic they wont regret it. 😉

damn, that's a lot of sand!

Most definitely. Gonna take some time to get the sand back to actual soil. Get there soon.

do you know about orgone?

Can't say that I do.

orgonite may be a valuable tool

Messy but looks nice overall 😃

Yeah. I'd like to point out that hammered trailer and general trash is not my yard.
All the weed's and plants, I'll take that mess any day.
Thanks for stopping by.

Haha! You bet!