Some days are Win, Some are just Trim

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Evenin' or morning. Tomato, Potato. Getting earthquakes and bloody moons. watch yourselves, I'm gonna keep my head on the swivle.
Hard cut back here in week 2. #5gallonchallenge bud site's picked and pruned so as to force growth and limit the little larffy buds.
I did say I wasn't going to pollinate this Slymer, but there is that 1 little baby branch which might provide opportunity without too much loss. Almost There.
I know it looks drastic but sometimes that's the measure's that need to be taken.
Gotta stress test as well. Don't worry it stresses me too, but I'm a fairly busy bee and I know my soil is good to go. Still gonna hope on the hope side of things.
Should work out, what are your thought's?
Big tester here is to keep up with mine own expectations. Those are usually pretty HI. Usually I fall short in other area's when I get to pushing too hard in a specific are. And then shit snowballs and your doing the dishes at 2230 instead of in the rack.
It did take 2 days instead of the 1 I was planning on.
Had to move 1 or 50 somethings, lost track, just to get to these 2 pictures.
4K 4x4 Carson High Yield LED bars in the back and a SF2k and 2 SF1k stacked in the front there. Should be good might throw 1 more Spider Farmer but probably gonna put that in the 4 x 4 to run the males I have chosen for harvest.
God Laughs, right?
Got late, and not pictured is the dirt floor covered in water. Brought the RH to 50 mid afternoon, hottest part of the day soooo, Cool. 🤷‍♂
This is where that ended up. Incase you were wondering.
The 6" in the 8 x 4, everyone is in now, is piped straight into one of those vents inside. Fixed the HI temp and the LOW humidity problem, somewhat. Still gotta get that humidity issue sorted, still about 25% off what will be a flawless flip, so far.
Enjoy your Thursday.

See you all Sunday, or in the comments.

Knottydaddy, Tied off.


Nice trimming! Don't worry mate your plant will be rockingly bushy after few weeks.

Mornin'. Yeah those ought to start looking up real quick. that adjustment with the cooler might turn out to me the game changer.
Thanks for the share.
Have a great Friday.

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Wow, I'm impressed!

Thanks. Working on, working on it.

Wow what an update, Love the looks on that 5 gallon challenge.

How many green houses and tents you got?

Mornin'. Yeah 5 gallon looking good.
I'm working in a 28' tunnel and have a now 4x8 up for the flower flip this round, the 4x4 is now going to be used to bloom the males only, that is until I get further down my project list.
Hopefully we can turn those tents in to greenhouse's.
Monopoly just with plant house's. LOL

That’s what’s up! How long in your true career did it take to build up to trimming like you do? I keep doing more after each grow, so I expect maybe 6 more rounds I will have the guts to cut that much back!

Full disclosure. These are the first large grows under my 24-7 eyeball. Was a SoCal guerrilla grower. Since
You know plant it cage it hope the cops or others don't find 'em.
Looking for the best way to run 'em I guess.

What your doing is actually called the Miami Mango technique. I believe he usually will just leave the two leaves at top, but only to watch out for defiencys.

Wow. That is Soo cool that I am inploying an actual technique without knowledge. That was the over all intention, to force a hern or just make a better fruit. Trying to be a good tester I guess.
Thanks for the information, an share much appreciated.

Such an awesome farm

Thank you is slowly working its self together

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