pHucking Azomitehole, Kicked 'Em in the Lime

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My that has to hurt, it hurts me.
You ok? Good.
This was not intentional by any means, just a typical Azzhole going about his day, doing his daily chores.
You know, just pouring ALKALINE laden water over a sensitive, poorly balanced eco system. Damned yellowing leaves.
Obviously that was not known to me. I had been under the impression that it was just the damned BUGS causing the yellowing leaves. Recently I had theorized it was my addition of the Azomite, as well as every time the ladies were given a bit extra of that crushed Sea shell.
"See, that's why I use my "mix". Stick with that bottle. It's easier, that shit never happens to me. It's that dried stuff you're using."
"Yeah, you don't say."
Fantastic for you and your bottle, but for shittes sake provide to the solution to the problem or your just compounding it.
Just another PROBLEM-hole,
"Oh, I get it instead of getting an explanation to the situation lets just scrap the whole thing and and just do it that way, cause it is how everyone else has done it."
Told you, AZZHOLE.
Good thing we haven't figured out the telepath thing yet.
Yeah it's the solution 7.6, more than a full point off of tolerance, it ran all the way up to 9.9, making the end all 3 points over.
Passing arguments, that are all hypothetical, loosely based off of old friends giving the Buffalos nickels worth of advice
Must be something in the WATER?
It is definitely the pHucking water that needs fixin'.
That's the King Louis XIII nug, just glistening and distracting.
I know they are...not just the Louie, but also that Sour D, is starting to turn real nice. Not pictured above or below. Just so you know, worth the mention, along with all the crispy tips. SsHhiIiT!!
It's OK I'm OK. If only my frustration could fuel the missing humidity CA desperately needs.
Good thought, negative to positive. Like smelling the sparkly buds thru a photo, how's that going?
I have been thinking on that bit there, but it would have to be something that is bottled. The smell that I am hoping to send. My addition to the blockchain in the image department, and text, and then to think we could all also be adding a transmittable smell. I'm sure it would require an additional bit of recording equipment. Like that Bluelab pH pen there, what a good thing. 6.6, way so much more tolerable.
You red, what you read.
I did have to hit "my" shop ONCE again to get the calibrating juice. See, what had happened was that this pen has been sittin on the counter, out of calibration, not in use, cause my other unit has been indicating 7, high but tolerable. pHucking wrong. Oh well. They are ALL bouncing back now.
Fortunately enough for all of us, you have gained wisdom. For I have gone thru the lesson the hard way, for you. What a nice dude huh? NO need, your welcome.
CHECK the pH, before any SOLUTION administration. Best checked in the cool of the day. S-O-L-U-T-I-O-N.
I have already been back from the shop. I didn't buy any pH down juice, I used white vinegar to bring the pH down in leu of the over the counter. What is the difference? Serious question, any an all takers.
S-O-L-O Hunt is now off like shot now.
Goodness its like I have untied something in a different part of the plant(s).
Wait? 2? That Hearst Mug has appeared now, looking strong I might add. I found this problem on Tues, it is now Sunday. So... 🤷‍♂.
New Theories to bring to the circle as well, see the crispy StarGirl? OOOUCH!. Now that I have cultivated her cousins, the V11 that was gifted to me has a very low tolerance to a high pH, as well as Motorbreath and the Zen Dojo, and of course Papaya Melon 1.
I'm starting to think that the folks that are more of the Indica leaning origins have a less tolerance to the alkaline as opposed to the Sativa leaning folk. I was just being stoned an pondering country of origin an its possible soil make up.
India I'm sure is far more likely to have more dead wrought to balance the high pH coming in with it's high mineral content, if it is like that, I have know idea, just a thought I have been rattling around.
I do give that Hearst azzhole some shit, but his mug has produced good photos so, he is still an azzhole. Ruining generations of medicinal research and relief for Profits, AZZHOLE
Although a fantastic Bon-Sai and my scale model of "Daisugi",
I do plan on taking all this hard fought lesson an applying it to some Birch or Cedar, even get a real Daisugi going, to which it is a 14th century Japanese form of sustainable lumber production.
If possible I will do my best to support the good folks of Canada, and get some Canuk beans one day. But GOODNESS have you seen lumber prices lately? pHuck it, I'll just have to grow that MY self too.
Who's with me?
Told you Sour D was pretty, an getting better each day.
So my nutrients and my shitty solution, makes bait leaves for bugs, aka that wilted yellow leaves there.
What can I say, it's warming up an I do like a hard lesson as well as flowers, all kinds.
Slurricane44 #2, topped is this center piece, as well as the surprise under the roots, but we'll get to that, eventually. Roots are coming along nicely.
Love that fuzzy, oh and of course the pink clash on the yellow pot.
All Hail.
Here to be referred to as '73 King Baller
I have been looking, and wanting to pollinate some of the lines that I am working with, so as to try an preserve, with out total fear of line loss. Also again, pHuck it I'm not already spinning enough plates, lets learn a hard lesson in genetics, an crop steering. Why not? I'm sure it'll stick better that way anyhow.
I think it's shaping up to be a pretty summer, well that is the hope.
I do really need to get to it, but this bucket is gonna be quite useless for holding water, once I get the drill bit out. Need to get more air moving around the roots like they are afforded in the fabric pots. That is a Monday work detail, but SlymerSon, Slymer x Wilson, is getting the move on, fingers crossed, it is a regular seed after all.

Good week to all, it has been a general hell for me but my favorite thing about being down is that there is nothing left but the stars, please don't forget rocks fall sometimes when climbing out the hole, but its all up from here.

Thanks for the garden scroll. Hope I was able to help someone, I know I certainly have.
Bottled folks find this hilarious, because that shit was beat into them. That CHECK the pH before any solution touches the medium. I get it.

Slow Yes 1.jpg

Have a Great Day.
Knottydaddy, Tied Off


Your posts are always top notch. I love your garden and would love to get mine looking more like that at some point. There is so much personality in it.


Thank you. I do appreciate the visit. You have a fantastic grow log your self.
I have actually been considering several sky lights to help with over flow.

That male gonna please all the ladies!

Oh yeah I'm hoping for a nice Back Cross (BX), I think is the abbreviation, an I have a Citrus Farm I think would make for a great pairing as well.

I crossed monster sativa (citrus also) and hybrids for few years, brought some seeds with me and left 2 entire bags of seeds in South Africa. I don't have any left so I've ordered that bad boy yesterday

Yeah that Dos I Do is some pretty nice flower.
South Africa? Fun place? There was a grower I followed in insta, from that country, got some monsters around there.
Good luck in the season.

Thanks, I think @dandays is right, you are very talented at growing, it's pretty obvious!

The Dos is Dos outdoor can yield 2 pounds of herb, can you believe it?

I think @dandays is right

Bout damn time

😁 hahaha

2lbs is an awesome haul, makes for more room to explore other flower types with a yeild like that.

Im gonna LST it to the ground, if it goes nuclear 😁

Yeah those are my intentions most of the time, but it's closer bait for those Damned bugs, I'm going to have to start setting a 10" rule before ties.

Dang man, I haven't been entertained by a weed article an article like that in awhile. Way to blend all them metaphors dude, that was fun as Smellovision, a patented app I'm working that transmits nasal dependencies via technology.

We'll keep stepping up the recording equipment round here you work on the receiver side. Got the entertainment points. Bonus.
Thank you for stopping by.

P.S. Thank you for the share.

I accept thank you's in bowl size nuggets.

PH really is a crappy thing to deal with, I think it is one thing all grower know far to well.

Great looking plants as well.

Thank you for stopping by.
Yeah that pHrustration just hits different when its your own water trying to kill everything.

Yeah I hear that. Hope the best in the fight with PH. Lol

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Thank you for the share @canna-curate an @skylinebuds. Good looking out.