Hump Day?

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Evening, well according to the shadow.
Contents of Box 2 and Company.
Had to start with a really good something, even if it is near the end huh?
They are all good days, in relative perspective.
The pHancy root over rock canna-bonsai, Platinum Gorilla is thriving in her corner. Most all that were residing in Box 2 have been moved out. Succulents and other pretty house plant things I'm slowly killing live there now. Save for the Pomegranate it's doing great.
So it is my Hump Day. Happy Anniversary Beauty
This was the day after Monday though. ☝️ Typhoon Beauty had a brush with the Go Juice Maker, hence the "Good Evening Everyone."
In her defense that machine pairing can be complicated as it involves twists and a few button pushes just not as many twists as she used. Perfect opportunity to clean the new hopper for the new grinder. The hopper has a flip lid, twist to remove and clean. Best done when not full, as pictured.
Minor set back. NO WORRIES. Box 1. Still working away. I flood the box every other day or so just to keep everyone, if they are home, working all the new table scraps put in on the last turn of the soil I had done. This is not an efficient way to compost, but it has worked on the Tractor scale outside, so far?
That little Gem has been hiding back there the whole time. If the Boot Camp taught me anything, it's how to pack 20lbs shit in a 5lb sack.
That is an '84 850 PASO. Pop's old bike, he has no taste for the red or this style. He's more partial to the '58 Panhead. This bike here is in need of a tune up, from tire's to carb. So pretty far down on the priority list's these days. Still gonna take space in here for as long as needed.
So the 4 x 8 with the 7 Ladies is still in operation, just everything is lined up better is all. The 4 x 4 is back. Scrogg net.
Yep found one in the box I had when moving things about. Not sure how long that might last.
How long was that?
12.5 hrs, that's how long. pHuck that thing. I see the benefit. I'm not just trying to be an azzhole, I hand water, like I'm sure most do. The BluMat's need to have perfect pH 24-7, I can justify the $400 doser but I'm just too cheap, maybe on the next flip?
I spend at least 2 hrs every sun up in this area.
Between the crawl to water and already dogging lights and vents is one thing. A even lower net?
I'll take getting the occasional jab from my Bamboo stacks, Thank you. I will just admire the rest of the Netters from the stands, as far as technique practice goes. No disrespect. We can all Scrogg in a different way, or just let them all Pine tree. To each their own, right?
That pHucker.
OUCH, huh?
Yeah not the best thing to hear if you are not intending to that is. I am deploying yet another method, this is another HST. That ultra cut lollipop/monster crop seems to have given them a new zest for life. Next up, here is my Supercrop/Lollipop on the next round behind the #5gallonchallenge. Set on that 2 week time frame, of course.
That larger 1 there that doesn't have the telltale sign of a bent Supercrop is because it's not. Just grab and bend till snap? No?
When applying this method a little twist between your pHinger tips, I also use a piece of the bamboo to actually shape an arch in the area I intend to "crush over".
All that said, I didn't do it just like that, and the break happen on the outside of the arch. pHuck. Oh well.
So the bamboo stacks I use have multiple uses, great way to lose ones hat.
The week 4ish in the back is looking so good. Filling in nice.
#5gallonchallenge Slymer x Wilson x 5G, hairy and bright. Looks good from here.
The ladies are starting to frost up nicely. This is the Wedding Cake x 5G. A nice fruity smell, looking forward to next few weeks.
Thin Mintz in the foreground here compared to the Wedding Cake.
So my #proofofbrain and other assorted projects that I work whilst good and toasty, what is called a "Smokable Task". Best done when finished smoking.
Got a new mill jig for the saw, that worked out well. We have a few tweaks to improve the cheapest chainsaw mill I could find. Works fine enough for my taste other then the method of drawing it along the rail. I'll figure out how to add a block and crank to it somewhere. Pictured above is a 4" x 6" x 6'10" timber, took about and hour. Not bad, this timber was still green. It was intended for the sister in-laws mantle. I just ran the mill. They'll dry it and maybe it'll go in soon, keep you posted 👍
Also more for the #garden. Got some Black Bamboo seeds and some Giant Bamboo seeds today as well, already sank those down. 9 of the Black Bamboo and 18 of the Giant Bamboo.
Both have many uses and are also of course you know bamboo so it's reallllllllllly easy to grow. Most the time it's invasive. Currently on property there are 2 patches of American Golden Bamboo. Great for helping to block eyeballs, but other than that, pretty pHuckin useless. These two species are cultivated for that use as well but mostly for building. The Giant Bamboo is for structural mostly but can also be used for flooring like the Black, but it's not as pretty. We'll see how this goes. Training a Birch tree like a bonsai for lumber seems a little out of reach right now maybe I'll find a cut of the right one, one of these days.
Ladies and Gentlemen and Smizmars, the Gentlemen. I ended up keeping 4 out of the original 12. The traits shown just couldn't be not aloud to keep kicking around.
Hard for you to see here but the darker tinge is actually a purple hue on the balls. They are beginning to be ready for a sow. Working out soo far, they will have their own area in a day or 2. I figure I have about a week until they are a real problem for this area. Soon.
This powdery orange shit has shown up on the POM 5 leaf and only in this spot. Anyone seen this before? How bad am I missing it?
Now there is no sign of it on anywhere, so maybe just no concern at all?

Thanks for stopping in an going for such a long walk, we've been busy. Obviously so has everyone else on the chain. Thanks for pushing me to keep up.

Get Bent. In any manner you prefer.

Knottydaddy, Tied Off.


Hmmm not sure what that is, I will do some investigations into this matter sir. What is your IPM regiment besides praying mantis?

Dr. Bronners. The Beauty was laughing as has mentioned I had a carpenter Bee in the green house the other day. She got a point of it being pollen maybe. My zucchini is close.
Thanks for the share an investigation.
Have a great day.

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