Digital Aromatic Upload In Progress...........

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"You Getting it on that End There"
RAPS ON SCREEN, harder this time, JIGGLES CORD
"Should be getting it."

tenor fonzie.gif

Well I don't have to check, on this END smells like I spilled a bottle of Pine Sol in my grinder. Cleaned the little guy out there thinking it was the water, washed my hands. Nope just the Diesel back biting the sides of my tongue and singeing the nose hair, you know that one right under the unibrow? Yeah, That nose hair. Not the one in front that alllwayss makes you cry, the worser one. The Ladies with the long nails know what I'm talking 'bout.


So @jonyoudyer I'm sure your checking to see, that seed vault there was cracked open, gonna go a little harder here. Not sure if it is some sort of juju but when I just try to get one variant out it almost never gets going, an if life hasn't taught me anything yet again, it's not to be conservative. Last Three down there on the Big Mac, and I couldn't resist Pink Runtz, From Copy Cat Gentix.
Pink Runtz:
Pink Panties x Runtz x Kahlifa Kush, it's not an "official" Pink Runtz but it's got some good lines and worth a shot, what's the worse that could happen?


Well my indoor out house here has belched all over the side yards that I have been building.
Jobs Tears in the big ol' bushy looking pots right there, not to mention the fantastic amount of jalapenos, Fooor days. Lots of cutting flowers as well, but those are small yet. Time an Tide, or is it just Patience?


Now it's got to be coming thru on that side, I just know it.
Gotta be getting that odorous. I had it plugged in an everything.
pHuckin' wreaked I know but it's a work in progress as always, the indoor side of the indoor outhouse, that is.


"They call me Sidewinder, a little low an to the left."
To me looks about 30 degrees out but it's all the right colors. Well, green that is, little bit of it anyhow. Only way it all fits in the frame sorry.


That right side there is filled up with the cutting flowers a few cuttings here and there to try and keep up with the ever emptying Jar and future breeding setups. Try as I might, letting go of a line is a hard thing to do when they show such resilience, and I'm not convinced they are all they can be just yet.

DSC_0042 (2).JPG

Lot's of business in the front there little thin in the back these days, but it's still a bit of a party.


I was getting that, "What's wrong now?" look from the Beauty over the past few days like "What did you do this time?"
Like that Shaggy fellow "Wasn't me."


They're just in the fade is all.
Looking good across the tops there, been taking the ladies at the tinge of ambers lately. It's been better for the head and hobbies, not so much for the sleep but it's good for getting things done. Which is what needs doing now so it's been working well.


This is the More Jack leaning, real sensitive to pH, an sticks to the fingertips.


This is the More Louis leaning, got that Indica tinge.


There, looks better. Got that dirt swept up and actually moved 4 solo cups to the one gallon fabric pots. Been waiting on that for a while. Those lower leaves have been taking a dive just getting eaten up. They should start to feel better in a few days.


Most of what's left in box 1 is now succulents and others that are on there way out the door or need that lower light.


Sometimes it's not all about the assthetics, but one of these days I'll get a few more stickers on this bucket. For now it's getting to be about time to get this Slymer x 5G bent around and set so she doesn't snap in process. I had said before, I do tend to take too much time in the shaping but it usually ends up working out in the end, or working on the end. Tomato, Orange. It's your sauce. 🤷‍♂


Those tops looking pretty. Careful don't get hooked like I did.


"To the Right."


Watch out there baby don't get too far over. I do have to remind myself from time to time that the more light that can find it's way in the better, plus less opportunity for mites to hide out, those pHuckers.


Seen here is a lapse of 4 days time or so. I've got a plan, and it's honestly just another opportunity to tie some pretty lady to a stick. LOL
It will benefit the lower branches and help to sculpt the availability for future preserve cuts, and provide more surface area for bud sites, possibly.


Pink Runtz on the right and Bic Mac on the left. 2 out of 3 there on the Mac, hopeful for a third, then we can give it the 3 run, Bonsai, Indoor, and Indoor Outside see which is preferred and best fitting for @jonyoudyer s babies. Getting be about that time looking forward to it.


With Spring all sprang and summer right on the corner there, we had our first significant reptile visitor here today. First baby Diamondback was out an about looking for a meal, unfortunately it had stumbled upon my front steps.
Shells cracking and snakes on the move I'm gonna have to take some ques from an old football coach

Knees Up

Knees Up 1.jpg

Knottydaddy, Tied Off.


If they only fucking knew how accurate those designs are.

I really love the amount of care you put into these plants. It is pretty awesome.

Thank you for stopping by, I like to keep them as happy an healthy as I can.

So right now I’m kinda like the guy waiting for the girl he just started talking to give me a call back. But instead waiting to see the testers show a tap root! Lol I can’t lie I’m nervous as hell, but exited. But your a Mack when it comes to growing, I know you got this! Soon the fun part is coming...


A group grow!

Yeah I'm sure more than most relate to that.
I appreciate the love brother, all three roots broke an are in their starter cups this evening.
Now all's that's left is to find the project setting for the bonsai.
Thanks for stopping by, an the awesome gear.

@canna-curate and @skylinebuds-weed thank you for the share.

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