The Weed-O-Nomics Of Suriname (& Unwrapping Yesterday's Purchase)

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Even though facing a major internal economic recession during a global pandemic, closed borders, and lacking an economy of scale, the marijuana business is still surviving here in Suriname despite the circumstances.

First, the Economy

     Before I even mention the marijuana situation here, I should note than we arrived in 2010, 8 Suriname Dollars were equal to 1 US Dollar, and it had been somewhat stable at that rate for a long time. Well, fast forward to now, where $17.50 SRD = $1.00 USD, and most items in the stores are also 3 to 5 times more expensive than they were in mid-2010. All this leave

Don't Refuse A Good Deal

     I wasn't even able to afford to smoke marijuna when I first got here, discovering that roughly $1.50 USD wouldn't net enough to even roll a spliff. I though I was being ripped off, but this it the norm here, unlike any street corner in Jamaica, where $1 USD worth of weed is enough for you and your friends all to roll a spliff.

     Eventually I hooked up with the mostly Guyanese Rastafari community here in Suriname, where I was finally able to get some deals that even surprise my local Surinamer friends. So, my current situation is that I get 50 grams of spliffable weed for $300 SRD ($17.15), still not a good deal by most international standards, but it's what must be accepted in Suriname, where marijuana isn't an integral part of the culture like many other Caribbean nations.

Let's Dive Into Yesterday's Purchase

     I intentionally didn't open what I purchased yesterday in order to share the unpackaging with you all. So let's dive in...

diving in.JPG

     A little squishy, hope that means fresh and without mold...


     Smells good, slightly reminiscent of marijuana...


     Decent color, not too many seeds, but definitely not the kind of weed you guys here on WeedCash.Network are used to smoking.


     For me, very acceptable, and after squeezing it a bit I smelt something piney.


     I apprecialove marijuana of all forms, whether the high-grade in the USA, or the spliffable weed I smoke here in Suriname. It is beautiful in its own right, and I am blessed the marijuana industry here is still going. After all, it's not like there's tons of money to be made exporting marijuana to Suriname, but I give thanks to Guyana for keeping us supplied down here.


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Monkey B


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Dude, we have a lot of marijuana, especially in the tribal areas. It is made there and manufactured there and sold all over the world.

Some day the world will wake up and realize it's silly to make natural plants illegal. Thanks for stopping by.

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I imagine that is more old school, which is something special about it. Kinda like how old timers miss the weed from back in the day, because it was just less potent, there for more mellow:)

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It is a pretty predictable experience, a very social strain. I just wish I had some old cassette tapes to listen to while I smoke a spliff, it would complete the vintage experience. !ENGAGE 20

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Ahh nice buds too bad for me i got to pee in a cup for probation even though i live in the united states where they give out needles in Washington state hahaha but fkd up at the same time

Sorry about that, but I guess if weren't for probation, rec is fully legal in Washington. Hope your time ends sooner than later and you can get some herbal medz. !ENGAGE 20

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Glad you are getting some. Nice 'unboxing' post...

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Medz for the much-needed I-ditation. Positive vibes from Suriname! !ENGAGE 10

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Marijuana is considered very bad in our country. It is a very bad thing. It has a great impact on human life

If the marijuana is bad in your country, have you considered importing it from a neighboring country? Here in Suriname the weed is bad, so we buy weed from Guyana, which has a much greater impact on human life. !ENGAGE 10

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