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RE: How to receive the free Cronic Card NFTs (I made)

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I hope I'm in time, my wax wallet address is k3pb.wam.
I'm enjoying your posts as well as having fun discovering the use of wax for NFTs.
How do you obtain more wax coins? I presume Huobi exchange is the main source?

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Yeah that's what I used for $50 Worth but the rest came from flipping splinterlands cards

This is the transaction conformation be sure to check the collection is set to croniccards 1 to view the NFT, Thanks for participating

Many thanks Chubb you are very kind, I have received the Royal Gorilla nft it in my collection, what a blissful high.

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no problem happy to do it its what crypto is about cooperation P.S if your not already on work check it out
Or the new weed chat the sites where ill announce future events like this one

That's very good teamwork of you bud, you have the right attitude. Weedcash token is doing well lately. Keen to toke up my tokens there lol, so will investigate further.

I bought some WAXP tokens on Kucoin exchange where I have an account, only 44 tokens, but when I wanted to transfer them to atomichub to put my NFTs on sale, Kucoin exchange wanted to charge me 34 of the 44 WAXP to move them lol, so I had to leave them there until I can make more.