I am seeing more and more products made with Cannabis ... and that is very good!

Three years ago the use of CBD-only Cannabis was legalized in Germany and, although not much coverage has been given to all this, you can already buy many Cannabis products in markets, pharmacies and even in small night shopping stores. Something that at first was usually only sold in specialized places but that has started to change.

A few days ago I went to the market of the Edeka company, a market that is very close to my house and in the part near the cash register, where they always put various products, I found this energy bar that part of its content is cannabis.

The energy bar is chocolate flavored (my favorite flavor 😀).

canabis 1.jpg

canabis 2.jpg

And that same day in the evening, I stopped by one of those little stores for late night shopping that you find in many German cities that people call them Spätkauf and I found this.

cbd 1.jpg

cbd 2.jpg

And I am not surprised that this type of product, now that CBD is legal, already exists in a store where there are usually only alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, tobacco-related products and sweets of various kinds.

What surprises me is that there is also a variety of it.

cbd 3.jpg

cbd 4.jpg

How much % CBD these cannabis flowers contain, effects, etc. well, that remains to be seen. I personally would never buy these products. Not only because I don't like CBD(I don't feel anything when I have smoked it), moreover wrapped in that plastic you can't even smell it and also because I think the price is quite expensive although I imagine you pay, more than anything, "the novelty" of selling it this way. I repeat, this is not normal in Germany or at least it wasn't until a while ago.

... but 10 euros for a gram of CBD wrapped in plastic is, from my point of view, kind of expensive.

Apart of it, it makes me very happy that different products derived from Cannabis or in some of its natural forms like seeds or flowers are appearing everywhere. It is quite a step forward towards the normalization and hopefully future general decriminalization of cannabis and its use, of any kind, in Germany.

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Nice to have so many edible options!

I wanted to introduce myself to the cannabis community here on Hive. I was an early adopter of steem, and I believe the first cannabis blogger on the site. I stopped blogging during the Tron take over, but now I have finally found my keys to participate in Hive. Back then communities were still being developed, so I am so happy to explore them now. I have 7 years experience working in cannabis cultivation, and business. I'm excited to share my experience with the Hive community! Keep up the good work!

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Yeah one thing that I’m seeing with legalization is all this damn packaging!

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I love the old style bags as usual for my stuff.
😗 💨

That's pretty damn epic lol. I gotta try it sometime. There are gummies that get sold here in Florida but generally they're medicinal.

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Is in Florida legal even the recreational or just medicinal? Have family there but they do not smoke 😅😂

Es ändert sich im Schneckentempo etwas hinsichtlich dessen, ich finde wir sind hier nämlich total hinterher und zwar in so einigen Dingen!

Liebe Grüße ✌️


Das stimmt! Könnte etwas schneller sein 😁



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