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What's up Weed Nerds! Finally felling a little better after taking a small break from being on the internet, and just relaxing eating high doses of THC edibles trying to reset my mind. Can't tell you how refreshing it is!I have finished trimming up all my Helena X PBB crosses, and have paused since the next up plant is not quite ready. It is nice having them hanging, and drying for the last 2 weeks, and still not quite ready. I would say the dry room is in a sweet spot. All though the past few days we have seen some high temps in the 80's. Yeah that is hot for this area. But I managed to keep the temp at 70, and cranked up the Humidifier to maintain the % at 60%.

The lone seed that was found in one of the best plants I have grown is doing very well out on my front balcony. I have decided to keep it, and just run it out. Only thing that is on my mind is do I really want to have a plant flowering out here, and having my neighbors constantly smelling cannabis? When I get stoned on a macro dose of THC edibles, I kind of get worried, and then bring it inside, lol. A part of me still wants to just clone it, and gift the plant to be finished elsewhere.

A nice shot of the Supper Croppers in action

I decide to bury the pot it was in, into a bigger pot to keep the roots cooler, and for the roots to mend with it not causing it to be root bound. This plant is ready to spit out some big buds coated in resin! It has a top dressing of my homemade compost, and was hit the other day with my Roots Organics Grow, Bloom, and Seaweed. Other then that just de-gassed tap water.

DLS #2

Some of my tester nugs for the plants cut at a later date where ready for the trim, and I am even more impressed then before! This is one of the Dirty Little secrets. Both I had are just a tad different from each other. This one has more lemon terps

DLS #1

The other difference is the shape of the flowers. There is also more purple aromas in the #2. Both absolute fire!

Next up is getting the next round going. I got to get these La Kush Cakes in the water, and into the seedling stage, some come in October when the Kushmans Grape Ape clone is dropped, I will be ready. I am also going to be dropping some Slurry Cake in the water as well. I am not going to do any Big Mack in this rotation, but I may do my Big Mack all star pheno x BMX, and see what I am working with, before I begin to hunt for a kick ass pheno next year. Anybody who wants to run any of those, just HMU I got you. Until next time, have a great week!





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Welcome back man! It looks like your grows are looking pretty damn sweet man!

Thanks man!

Would your neighbors really smell that plant if it is outside? Seems like there would be plenty of airflow to disperse the smell.

Yeah man I can be weird sometimes, especially when I eat edibles, lol Even if they do smell it, everyone is cool.

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"When I get stoned on a macro dose of THC edibles, I kind of get worried, and then bring it inside, lol."
HAHUAHAUAH . i get you... ive done some stuff while high too.. before i had my tent, i used to change my plants every day to a different spot... when i saw drones flying miles away i would get worried to.. lol

I bet! Back in the day we used to have helicopters flying over neighborhoods, and my buddy's would sometimes rip out the plants they had growing, but it was a legit concern then.

Heheh I think it's great you run a humidifier while drying your buds : D
What's next, running an air conditioner during flowering? Hah!
It works though - nice buds, bud.

Thanks! Hell yeah it works. I'm now running a dehumidifier so it don't reach the high 60's. It would be nice to have an AC if I had a whole room, but as of now it no need. Especially since the weather here is like living in AC.

Your plants look great. I like that v shape in those leaves.

Thanks man, and yeah this is a cool ass plant, and I am really digging it :)

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Looking fire, Do you find them clips hard to take off?

PS just ordered your enzymes. Should be here in a few days, then ill send to you. ill let you know the total once I ship

No there pretty easy to. In fact its better if you do, because if you let them go, the plant will end up breaking them!

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One of my favorite strains ever is PBB x SSH.

I am sure you would love these PBB crosses. Every single one is fire

Good weed🌿 👊🏻

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Gracious amigo!

Felix navidad.🥳

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Bro!! you will have a little beast :D,only get sunlight?

Yeah this one will only get the sun.